lululemon picked me!

Yes, they did! I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve been chosen to serve as a lululemon brand enthusiast! I’m thrilled beyond belief. I just received a two-piece outfit that is simply snugalish soft and comfortable. The waist hits at exactly the right spot and it isn’t tight or binding anywhere.

Girls, I’ll be straight with you. I’m at my highest weight in over a year. I blame the stress of starting my own business and finding out I have breast cancer (no worries it’s in early stage). Anyhoo, time to get busy and get fit! (Note to self: must check out their tata tamer sports bra!)


Oh crap. I have cancer.

Just got home from surgeon’s office. I’m still trying to put this into perspective. I’m pretty sure I am supposed to be in denial first…right?

The good news: It is stage 0 and is non-evasive. But it is cancer. They want to go in AGAIN and remove more tissue to “narrow the margins” whatever that means. Luckily, I’ll be put under and won’t feel a thing. Then I have to go through one week of radiation therapy, daily.

Poo. I’d rather have a facial and a tummy tuck.

Post-Surgery Update

I’ll keep this short and to the point. Surgery happened yesterday and I’m doing well! On pain meds and feel pretty goofy. I’ll get test results in a week.

My Boobs — Update

I’m getting lots of calls, emails, tweets, etc about my boob situation. Since this blog is my more girly, personal site where I blog about fitness and stuff, it seems appropriate to use this space for updates so I won’t have to type the same thing over and over.

Here’s the lowdown…and if you are still reading, thank you for caring. I have a spot…an area of soreness under my right boob. I’ve had two mammograms and one ultrasound and as a result my gyno doctor ordered me to see a surgeon to discuss my options. Basically, she told me I had to have a biopsy — they stick a long needle into your boob — on VALIUM only. I said no deal. I want to be put under. Period. I didn’t like the way her staff treated me when I checked in. They were totally rude…well not all of them but the one at the front desk. I didn’t like the way the surgeon talked to me. She was not rude but she didn’t seem to understand me.

So, I called a friend who has been through this, and she recommended that I go to a second doctor in Cincy, which is what I’m doing next Thursday.

That is all.

Thanks for your prayers! 🙂 Oh, and P.S. My sweet sister, Jan, had Breast Cancer in her 40’s. That is why they are being so cautious about ruling it out.

More Party and Behind-the-scenes pics from BlogHer09 SlimPerfect Contest

Nicole Rogers (on left), owner of BombShell Artistry, did such a beautiful job on our SlimPerfect LBD contest for BlogHer09. Thank you Nicole! My good friends at U! Creative Advertising Agency sponsored the hair & makeup portion of the contest. Thanks you guys!
BombShell Artistry Hair & Makeup
BlogHer - the People's Party
In photo above, I am wearing sponsored jewelry from Dayton, Ohio’s Gypsy Warehouse store in downtown Centerville. Thank you Teri Hartrum! To the left is Allison Worthington a/k/a Mrs. FussyPants. She is one of the founders of Blissdom – a conference for bloggers that totally rawks.
SlimPerfect LBD contest winner, Courtney, and her friends at People's Party
Krystle and Courtney - SlimPerfect BlogHer contest winners

Before / After Photos! BlogHer09 – SlimPerfect LBD Contest

Champagne, hair/makeup artists, wonderful friends, food, laughter, end-to-end parties…here’s a peak into the wonderful time we had at BlogHer09! Huge thanks to SlimPerfect for hosting the contest and providing the little-black-dresses…to U! Creative for sponsoring the hair/makeup artists… and to Bombshell Artistry for making our contest winners so gorgeous!

Contestant #1 – Ana from
SlimPerfect Contest Winner - Ana from BonggaMom
After makeup / hair by BombShell Artistry
Contestant #2 – Krystle from
Krystle from - SlimPerfect Before pic
Krystal after pic
Contestant #3 – Courtney from
Courtney from
Courtney from AppleofMyEye -- After pic
Peoples’ Choice Winner – Jerri Ann from
Jerri Ann from
Jerri Ann - after pic - SlimPerfect LBD Contest

Day Two – BlogHer Cleanse

Yes, we’re 6 days away from BlogHer! Anyone else exercising and filling up on fruit & veggies instead of junk so they can fit into their LBD? Since it is very important to me to show up at BlogHer “muffintopLESS”, I enlisted the help of a “Certified Holistic Health Counselor” here in Dayton — her name is Robin Gentry McGee, owner of Just Great Foods — and I just LOVE her. Here we are at a recent gathering at The Gypsy Warehouse.

We were actually friends many years ago but lost touch somehow. You’ll start seeing and hearing more about her if you hang out with me, because I am going to get her hooked up on all things social media!

For this first week working with Robin, I am on a CLEANSE / anti-inflamatory. Here are the details…oh and I am buying everything organic as much as possible! I have to stay away from night-shades and high-sugar fruits.

almond milk
Garden of Life Perfect Food, Super Green Formula
Peaceful Planet, Supreme Meal (quinoa, millet, amaranth)
blueberries or strawberries

dark leafy greens
garbanzo beans
any other veggies that don’t fall into the night-shade category (such as eggplant, tomato, peppers)
(add organic roast turkey if needed)

HOME-MADE DRESSING (make in food processor)
raw organic apple cider
fresh herbs (I use basil and rosemary from my garden)
pine nuts or garbanzo beans if you want a thickener
almond milk (if you need to thin it)

carrots & hummus or
Kombucha (from health food store)
strawberries or blueberries

baked/broiled/grilled/steamed: wild caught fish or organic turkey
grains: quinoa, rice or amaranth
fresh veggies (salad or steamed)