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No freakin WAY! The jeans are ON!

The Skinny Jeans are ON AND ZIPPED!

This is unbelievable. The jeans that are one size smaller are on my body (the ones I got with the FREE coupon from The Gap at BlogHer). I am wearing them NOW. People!

Just for a moment, will my girlfriends please rejoice with me? I can’t actually wear these jeans in public…they are T.I.G.H.T. but they are on and they are zipped and I’m wearing them as I type this to you.

This is such a miracle to me!

Huge thanks to my wellness team…my support system: LA Fitness in Centerville, Dr. Goffe Chiropractic and Robin Gentry at Just Great Foods. Love you guys!


Week Four — Weigh-in Results & non-scale victories!

Hey y’all. I want you all to know how thrilled I am with the progress everyone is making. I’m hearing great things from you all. We finally found a venue to chat in — chatzy. Sunday night we had about 10 people at one time. It was a blast! We are going to have a guest personal trainer visiting our 8 PM EST chat soon — Natasha Linton. More info to come. Here are this week’s results so far. Let me know if you have a report to add, whether it is weight loss or non-scale victory. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy chatting with each of you, via Twitter, email & chatzy. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Tracy — down 2.5 lbs! Yes!!
Lori — Down 6 pounds since starting, 18 overall

Week One Results – These girls are LOSERS!!

Goodbye MuffinTop...Hello Skinny Jeans!
Hey everyone, let me know your results for week ONE. You don’t have to give weight loss results, you could report a change in the way your pants fit, or increased energy…anything that is a significant encouragement to share.

Week One results reported so far:

Luzanne — down 2.6 lbs.
Debba — down .5
Carole — down 2.0
Cindy — down 2.0
Rebecca — down 2.5
Sherry — down 2.0 “my pants are noticeably looser and I have more energy!”
Ellie — down 1 — increased energy!
Casey — down 2 — jeans R more comfortable & I don’t feel like I have 2 take them off as soon as I get home from somewhere
Jennifer (barely knit) — going from *total indulgence* to WRITING DOWN her food — woot!!