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The Twitter Community – Triple Dog Dare

Read about my online support system…the wonderful people on Twitter who triple dog dare me to go to spin class on the days it’s so hard to get moving and leave a warm house and drive in cold, dark Ohio weather! Click here.


Week Two – Weigh-in Results

How did everyone do this week? Email your results and I’ll post them here. I didn’t exactly have a huge loss…in fact, the wii fit scale is saying I’m up .7 from last week (booooo hissss). I don’t care. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and increase my water and work harder this week. Easter vacation definitely put a little dent in the loss department, but no matter…onward!!

Carole — up .7 lbs but pants are looser!
Rebecca — Good news! Definitely more energy. And even better, definitely more self-esteem!
Julia — 30 minutes on the eliptical didn’t kill her (to quote her)
SueAnn — waiting a couple of days to weigh-in — Easter vacation bloat!
Casey — waiting a couple of days to weigh-in — Easter vacation bloat also!
Cindy — up 2.0 lbs but workouts=awesome & my cloths are very lose!
Lori — Down 4 lbs in the last two weeks!! Woot!!
Angela — Down 4 lbs this week! (Angie, how’d u do that??!!)
Luzanne — No official WI BUT my tight jeans are now looser and I didn’t gain any weight over easter!
Sheri — too stressed from tax season to go to WW mtg to weigh in yet this week

Newest 20-4-20 member — Michelle

Everybody welcome Michelle! Click through to her Twitter page on the right side of this page under the 20-4-20 blogroll. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and say hi.

Make sure you follow all the peeps who are following me under — A sense of community and supporting each other is going to make this thing work!!

Lamest song in the world “Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get me Down”

Ha!  I eat Monday’s for breakfast.

Today was an awesome day!  My zappos delivery arrived (the cutest workout top ever), I went to a Dayton TweetUp and Met Rebecca from our group, ran/walked 3 miles and went to bootcamp class.  Click here to view my video from the Zappos delivery and vote for me!

In the next couple of weeks I’ll put together a list of all our twitter names, pull together our goals and all that fun stuff.  By April 1st we’re all going to be ready to hit the ground running.  Personally, I’m not waiting until that date.  I’m working out like a fool cuz I want you guys to be proud of me.  Soon you ain’t gonna see no muffin top on me!!

Please comment, twitter, email…I love it!!  Have a great week, K?

Sunday — Countdown — 2 week to April 1st!

Count Down to April 1st — Plan for Cardio!

My plan for cardio:   (1) at least 3 miles per day walk (2) start getting into habit of spinning class (3) dance around the house vigorously.  What is your plan for cardio?

20-4-20 Twenty Women who want to Lose Twenty Pounds