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Getting fit — Step 1 — Step on scale — assess where U are at.

Okay. So today I stepped on a scale at the gym…fully clothed, minus the shoes. I saw the number. Big deal. I mean really. Big deal. I refuse to get bent out of shape and let a number define how I feel about myself.

If you’ve been with me on this journey the last year or so, you’ve seen me get fit (or fitter), lose weight, gain it back, discover breast cancer, go through two lumpectomies and become quiet in this stream for quite some time. I don’t know why I was so embarrassed to talk about how the cancer and surgery affected me. I guess I didn’t want my personal brand to become “that cancer girl”. Whatever. I’ll save psycho-analyzing for another day.

Fast forward to today. I AM SO BLESSED. The surgery is behind me and I’ve packed on a few pounds. But I have an entirely new chapter to begin and I’ve alive and HEALTHY! This morning I went to a yoga class AND a spinning class with my dear friend and whole foods nutrition coach, Robin Gentry McGee. She is working with me to get my house in order — physically — inside and out. I’m learning all about raw foods and vegan cooking and how to stock a healthy kitchen.

I love the journey I’m on. Things are only getting better from here. Stay tuned and join me!

P.S. I weigh 155 today. How’s THAT for transparency.

December 2009 -- 155 pounds


More Party and Behind-the-scenes pics from BlogHer09 SlimPerfect Contest

Nicole Rogers (on left), owner of BombShell Artistry, did such a beautiful job on our SlimPerfect LBD contest for BlogHer09. Thank you Nicole! My good friends at U! Creative Advertising Agency sponsored the hair & makeup portion of the contest. Thanks you guys!
BombShell Artistry Hair & Makeup
BlogHer - the People's Party
In photo above, I am wearing sponsored jewelry from Dayton, Ohio’s Gypsy Warehouse store in downtown Centerville. Thank you Teri Hartrum! To the left is Allison Worthington a/k/a Mrs. FussyPants. She is one of the founders of Blissdom – a conference for bloggers that totally rawks.
SlimPerfect LBD contest winner, Courtney, and her friends at People's Party
Krystle and Courtney - SlimPerfect BlogHer contest winners

Before / After Photos! BlogHer09 – SlimPerfect LBD Contest

Champagne, hair/makeup artists, wonderful friends, food, laughter, end-to-end parties…here’s a peak into the wonderful time we had at BlogHer09! Huge thanks to SlimPerfect for hosting the contest and providing the little-black-dresses…to U! Creative for sponsoring the hair/makeup artists… and to Bombshell Artistry for making our contest winners so gorgeous!

Contestant #1 – Ana from
SlimPerfect Contest Winner - Ana from BonggaMom
After makeup / hair by BombShell Artistry
Contestant #2 – Krystle from
Krystle from - SlimPerfect Before pic
Krystal after pic
Contestant #3 – Courtney from
Courtney from
Courtney from AppleofMyEye -- After pic
Peoples’ Choice Winner – Jerri Ann from
Jerri Ann from
Jerri Ann - after pic - SlimPerfect LBD Contest

Day Two – BlogHer Cleanse

Yes, we’re 6 days away from BlogHer! Anyone else exercising and filling up on fruit & veggies instead of junk so they can fit into their LBD? Since it is very important to me to show up at BlogHer “muffintopLESS”, I enlisted the help of a “Certified Holistic Health Counselor” here in Dayton — her name is Robin Gentry McGee, owner of Just Great Foods — and I just LOVE her. Here we are at a recent gathering at The Gypsy Warehouse.

We were actually friends many years ago but lost touch somehow. You’ll start seeing and hearing more about her if you hang out with me, because I am going to get her hooked up on all things social media!

For this first week working with Robin, I am on a CLEANSE / anti-inflamatory. Here are the details…oh and I am buying everything organic as much as possible! I have to stay away from night-shades and high-sugar fruits.

almond milk
Garden of Life Perfect Food, Super Green Formula
Peaceful Planet, Supreme Meal (quinoa, millet, amaranth)
blueberries or strawberries

dark leafy greens
garbanzo beans
any other veggies that don’t fall into the night-shade category (such as eggplant, tomato, peppers)
(add organic roast turkey if needed)

HOME-MADE DRESSING (make in food processor)
raw organic apple cider
fresh herbs (I use basil and rosemary from my garden)
pine nuts or garbanzo beans if you want a thickener
almond milk (if you need to thin it)

carrots & hummus or
Kombucha (from health food store)
strawberries or blueberries

baked/broiled/grilled/steamed: wild caught fish or organic turkey
grains: quinoa, rice or amaranth
fresh veggies (salad or steamed)

Having a “Spa Day” in My Head

Tough economic times have prevented me from booking a private jet to Miraval Spa in Tucson or Canyon Ranch …so next best thing, I decided, is to have a “spa day” in my head. First I did spinning class at the YMCA…then pilates class…stopped at DLM for some freshly grilled ahi tuna…had a shot of wheat grass (equal to 2 lbs of greens!)…then topped off my “spa day” with a hot stone deep tissue massage at Hausfelds. It was almost like being at an exclusive, pricey spa!

Mid-May Team 20420 Update!

1. Congratulations to Casey! Her company, SlimPerfect was just chosen as one of’s “Best Brands” in swimwear category! Casey has formed a walking group in her neighborhood and is noticing changes in how her clothing fits and energy level!
2. Judith has been MIA and sends her apologies and wants to stay connected…and I said “OF COURSE” – come back, we want you! Here’s her update: “I’m on Day 11 of a wellness cleanse which has my focus. I’m working with Kathy Freston’s The Quantum Wellness Cleanse which is fabulous. It’s a 21-day program that I am enjoying. I’m feeling better — more focused and energized. I’ve changed my eating habits completely; I’m loosing weight, walking 2 miles daily and lifting weights. (My motivation is Michelle Obama’s awesome arms.) It’s encouraging how responsive my body still is to the right foods, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep.”
3. Rebecca has a quick update: “I’ve gone down and up a bit, too. Down 7, then up 4, down 3, etc. I think overall I am down just about 5 now. I’ll keep working at it!” (Her report sounds like mine — up and down and up and down).
4. Angela says “Hope your week is going well…I’ve re-lost the three pounds from last week.” — Yeaaaa Angela!
5. Eve’s update: “No changes here in weight or clothes not fitting. Kind of depressing as I have been working very hard. But I know how plateaus work. Hubby got me a Wii so I should be seeing changes soon. I love it. The only change is my energy level is waaaay up! Woophooo! Hope things slow down soon so I can catch up with everyone @ 20420.”
6. Lori reported: “Muffintop is almost gone!! Had fun (and was pleasantly surprised!) to try on clothes today in size M (not XL!) and look good/toned!”

FIVE more days until I’m off work and I can start exercising seriously again to make up for these last few weeks. Talk to you soon.

Happy Mothers’ Day Everyone!

Only two more weeks and I’m off for the summer! Woot! Here is a video I just made for you in honor of Mother’s Day. I hope your day was awesome!