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Getting fit — Step 1 — Step on scale — assess where U are at.

Okay. So today I stepped on a scale at the gym…fully clothed, minus the shoes. I saw the number. Big deal. I mean really. Big deal. I refuse to get bent out of shape and let a number define how I feel about myself.

If you’ve been with me on this journey the last year or so, you’ve seen me get fit (or fitter), lose weight, gain it back, discover breast cancer, go through two lumpectomies and become quiet in this stream for quite some time. I don’t know why I was so embarrassed to talk about how the cancer and surgery affected me. I guess I didn’t want my personal brand to become “that cancer girl”. Whatever. I’ll save psycho-analyzing for another day.

Fast forward to today. I AM SO BLESSED. The surgery is behind me and I’ve packed on a few pounds. But I have an entirely new chapter to begin and I’ve alive and HEALTHY! This morning I went to a yoga class AND a spinning class with my dear friend and whole foods nutrition coach, Robin Gentry McGee. She is working with me to get my house in order — physically — inside and out. I’m learning all about raw foods and vegan cooking and how to stock a healthy kitchen.

I love the journey I’m on. Things are only getting better from here. Stay tuned and join me!

P.S. I weigh 155 today. How’s THAT for transparency.

December 2009 -- 155 pounds


Robin Gentry McGee – Cancer Project – DLM Cooking School

Oh crap. I have cancer.

Just got home from surgeon’s office. I’m still trying to put this into perspective. I’m pretty sure I am supposed to be in denial first…right?

The good news: It is stage 0 and is non-evasive. But it is cancer. They want to go in AGAIN and remove more tissue to “narrow the margins” whatever that means. Luckily, I’ll be put under and won’t feel a thing. Then I have to go through one week of radiation therapy, daily.

Poo. I’d rather have a facial and a tummy tuck.

Post-Surgery Update

I’ll keep this short and to the point. Surgery happened yesterday and I’m doing well! On pain meds and feel pretty goofy. I’ll get test results in a week.