Who is “MuffintopLess”?

hi, I’m Carole Hicks, creator of MuffintopLess. This is a community for women of all shapes and sizes to rant and rave about the journey to getting fit.

I love to encourage, motivate and inspire others. I spend most of my time on Twitter rather than here on the blog so come join me at either carole_hicks or muffintopless on Twitter.



24 responses to “Who is “MuffintopLess”?

  1. Hi Carole!
    Thanks for your comment!
    All the best,
    enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Natasha Linton

  2. Hey Carol,
    WHen you have a moment, shoot me an email natasha@natashalinton.com
    I cant find your email address.
    Have a quick question for you
    I hope all is well

  3. OK…I’m ready to do this! I wish all I had to worry about was 20LBS. Like a wise woman told me ” cross this bridge first” Let this be the last day at my currant weight.


  4. Hi, I found this group on Twitter, girlfriendology? sp? How can I join the group?

    • everythinginorder

      Linda, yes, welcome! Have you watched the welcome video yet? Also, please send me your email addy. Hang on this is going to be fun! It doesn’t officially start until April 1st but we’re all gearing up now…getting our ducks in a row. Most of us will be following the weight watchers points plan but you don’t have to. No rules here except “be nice”. LOL! XXOO – Carole

  5. everythinginorder

    Everyone checking out this “about” page…please go to home page and watch the 20-4-20 welcome video. Official start of this weight loss thingy is April 1 — most of us are doing the WW program but you don’t have to follow it. The important thing is to help each other, stay accountable, encourage and motivate each other!! XXOO – Carole

  6. This is a great idea. I’m glad to be on board. If anyone ever wants to talk or anything, I’m @thepinkc on Twitter. 🙂

  7. everythinginorder

    Thanks for posting the comment, Ellie! So glad to have you on board as part of Team 20-4-20! I’d love to hear more about you, why you decided to do this, what method are you going to use (most of us are doing weight watchers points) and how can we encourage & support you? Spill your guts. Use this comment area if you want to type a lot or tweet me at @muffintopless and I’ll RT to the whole group. Be sure to follow everyone under my name there. I’m in process of hiring a designer to redo this site and then move it over to a domain so maybe we’ll even have a separate photo section where you can post a “before” pic and progress reports. I’m open to suggestion.

  8. Thanks for the update! I’m really excited.

    I have a small favor to ask. Would you mind posting some instructions about how to tweet to the group? I mean, do you just tweet to muffintopless and then the whole group sees it?

    And, what do the tweets with # mean?

    And, finally, how does the chat thing work? Do you go to a different link? If not, do you see the chat right on your home twitter page? If that’s the case, how do you distinguish the muffintopless/chat tweets from the others?

    I KNOW I’m making this twitter thing MUCH harder than it needs to be. I really, really appreciate your help!

    Thanks in advance!

    • everythinginorder

      hi again, Nicole. I just checked the muffintopless twitter page and I see you are a savvy twitterer! Don’t worry about the details. When we do a group chat, you’ll be informed. We don’t really start until 4/1. I’ll try to answer some of your q’s here:
      When you tweet to muffintopless, YES the whole group will see it. Everyone on Team 20-4-20 can see the tweets.
      Hashtag (#) means the tweet goes to a place where the tweets are grouped and saved. If you want to learn more, google “hashtags” to learn more.
      There is not chat yet. Rumor is that we will be asked to participate in BlogTalk Radio on April 3rd. More info to follow.

  9. hi Nicole! No worries. You’ll learn it all as we go along. First of all, what is your twitter name? Have you followed @muffintopless on twitter yet? XXOO Carole

  10. Hi there!
    I have already lost 12 pounds and have at least 20 to go, so I appreciate the inspiration and accountability to keep going. The one thing that has been working for me (aside from cutting back calories) is the book: The Biggest Loser Fitness Program. Three days a week I do the easiest recommended circuit training program. It takes about 45 minutes and builds/tones the muscles in my arms, core, and legs while giving me an aerobic workout – all in the privacy of my own home. I highly suggest checking it out. 🙂

    • everythinginorder

      Wow, Lori. 12 pounds is a lot!! I would love to feature a story here about how you lost those pounds, if you feel like sharing.

  11. I need to hook you ladies up with a friend of mine whose real name is 20/20!

    And, he is a visionquest coach. Cool way for y’all to get inspired and for him to connect with y’all….

    Stay tuned!

    Great idea and I am with you all the way!

    Will be back.


    • everythinginorder

      Karen, welcome to our fun place…but please don’t invite your friend…this is a girls-only club. We already have two awesome coaches on board and they are awesome. I appreciate your enthusiasm though. Are you on a weight loss adventure?

  12. Thanks Carole.

    I need to be on a major weight loss adventure…20 times about 67…will just tag along if that’s okay.

    Just listened to your show with girlfriendology. Very excited for you!

    Um…my friend…well he’s not really a coach. Just a nice person who is inspiring.

    But Okay…..I understand!



  13. everythinginorder

    We are happy to have you tag along…we have several people doing that.

  14. I just found this website, and I would love to join in the fun … is it too late?

    I’ve lost 30 lbs in the past 5 months or so, loosely using weight watchers. I have about 20lbs left before I’m at my best.

    I’ve been blogging at http://courteatsu.wordpress.com and twittering @rejazz & @courtsfood

    If it is too late, that’s alright, I understand!


    • everythinginorder

      hi Courtney, we are so glad to have you! Are you on Twitter yet? How did you lose all the weight so far? We’d love to hear your tips.

  15. I am on twitter, I requested to follow you just after I posted my comment. http://twitter.com/rejazz

    I’m a student at university, and although I actually lost the freshman 15 in my first year, my sophomore year wasn’t quite so good to my body. Between April 2007 and August 2008, I had gained about 30lbs, and I was having a hard time sticking to any one plan. My parents recently went on Weight Watchers, and lost 100lbs between them. So I thought I would give it a try. I haven’t been following it super strictly, but a combination of loosely counting points and trying to eat intuitively have helped me to lose 30lbs since December. I’ve been doing a bit of yoga, and living off campus this year means that I walk ten minutes to and from class every day.

    My original goal was to lose about 50lbs, which puts me at about 20lbs more to lose right now. I would love to be involved with 20-4-20 for support in losing the last 20!


  16. Hey Courtney!

    Your post caught my eye because that was my number – 50 lbs lost. It sounds daunting, but if you rebuild your inner connection and build the habits of good tactics and tools, as well as revolutionize your outlook – the only way to go for lasting success – you’ll have it! It is entirely possible AND you can do this while enjoying your life, appreciating your body and its wisdom, and being present as well.

    Connect with your vision of where you want to be and this will help you move powerfully forward.

    And congratulations on your progress!


  17. Hi Karen!

    Your darling photo peering out from the page just invites a hello.

    Glad to see you here – support and connection is HUGE when making a change such as weight loss – that lasts. It ends up involving more of ourselves than we anticipate – that is, if we do it right!

    Glad to see you step up to the plate and I invite you to engage, share, talk about it…having a team to work with can make such a difference.


  18. Hi everyone,

    I thought I should proba1bly introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. I am 48, mother of three grown children. I have had my own daycare for the last eight years, married to the man of my dreams for the last10. (has it really been that long) lol

    2 years ago I was diagnosed a Type 2 Diabetic. I weighed 226 lbs and totally freaked out. Went to LA Weight Loss and between that and meds I lost 28 pounds. Then more medical problems I won’t go into. I did end up losing a total of 46lbs but gained 18 back. So now my goal is to lose 50. 20 would be a good start.

    I am following a calorie/carb regimine recommended by my doc but don’t know that it is working. So am checking out Jorges Cruz.

    I just joined a water aerobics class and today was my first day and it was great! Will go swim laps tomorrow and walk treadmill in the evenings. See what happens. Woooo Hooooo.

    Looking forward to meeting up with all of you here and on tweet and watching everyones dedication and progress as we all go on this journey together.

    Heres’ to great success!!!!

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