lululemon picked me!

Yes, they did! I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve been chosen to serve as a lululemon brand enthusiast! I’m thrilled beyond belief. I just received a two-piece outfit that is simply snugalish soft and comfortable. The waist hits at exactly the right spot and it isn’t tight or binding anywhere.

Girls, I’ll be straight with you. I’m at my highest weight in over a year. I blame the stress of starting my own business and finding out I have breast cancer (no worries it’s in early stage). Anyhoo, time to get busy and get fit! (Note to self: must check out their tata tamer sports bra!)

3 responses to “lululemon picked me!

  1. Anamaria Grabowski

    “Heaviest weight” or not – you look cute as heck! Enjoy being a lululemon enthusiast!
    ~ Anamaria Grabowski

  2. I LOVE love love my Lululemon Athletica stretchy top and yoga pants. The fabric and construction are first-quality. Check out my wall photos on FB for a pic of my pretty hot-pink top at a Lululemon fashion show!

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