My Boobs — Update

I’m getting lots of calls, emails, tweets, etc about my boob situation. Since this blog is my more girly, personal site where I blog about fitness and stuff, it seems appropriate to use this space for updates so I won’t have to type the same thing over and over.

Here’s the lowdown…and if you are still reading, thank you for caring. I have a spot…an area of soreness under my right boob. I’ve had two mammograms and one ultrasound and as a result my gyno doctor ordered me to see a surgeon to discuss my options. Basically, she told me I had to have a biopsy — they stick a long needle into your boob — on VALIUM only. I said no deal. I want to be put under. Period. I didn’t like the way her staff treated me when I checked in. They were totally rude…well not all of them but the one at the front desk. I didn’t like the way the surgeon talked to me. She was not rude but she didn’t seem to understand me.

So, I called a friend who has been through this, and she recommended that I go to a second doctor in Cincy, which is what I’m doing next Thursday.

That is all.

Thanks for your prayers! 🙂 Oh, and P.S. My sweet sister, Jan, had Breast Cancer in her 40’s. That is why they are being so cautious about ruling it out.


3 responses to “My Boobs — Update

  1. I have a sore bump in my left boob and just had a mammogram that showed nothing. I was told that cancer doesn’t hurt. Now I’m a little worried and wonder how much I should pursue it. Hmmm.

  2. Sweet Sister Jan here! And, yes, we saved the ta-tas.

    I have to tell y’all that Carole was one of my biggest sources of laughter and peace during my journey through breast cancer treatment 2 years ago. She helped me survive and THRIVE!

    Love you Sis! It’ll be okay.

  3. Melody, you have a sore bump? Get yourself into a breast specialist immediately. I NEVER had a lump and no real pain (just a feeling like an electrical charge in my breast). Please do this and keep us posted! This is not to make you worry, but to encourage you to find out what’s going on as soon as possible so that you don’t HAVE to worry. 🙂 Hugs!

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