SlimPerfect / BlogHer — Little Black Dress Model Search — CONTEST!

SLIMPERFECT — Little Black Dress Model Search — Contest for 2009 BlogHer Attendees Exclusively! $350.00 SPONSORSHIP VALUE!


In preparation for the 2009 BlogHer conference in July, we are on the hunt for FOUR (that’s right, I said FOUR!) SlimPerfect models. SlimPerfect is a line of active clothing and swimwear designed to make you look fabulous! (And, it was recently recommended by Oprah’s O Magazine as one of their best brands for swimwear!)

Don’t worry, you will NOT be photographed in a bathing suit unless YOU post it or provide it yourself…so read on for how you can have SlimPerfect as a Little Black Dress sponsor for your trip to BlogHer (and we all want sponsors, right?!).

The four SlimPerfect models/winners will receive a $250.00 eCard to the SlimPerfect store, PLUS a SlimPerfect “little black dress”…a prize package worth about $350.00! Girls, for real, this fabric is the yummiest thickest Brazilian fabric. You are going to LOVE the way it pulls you in tightly and hugs your curves. You will feel GOR-JUS wearing these outfits!

We’ll also make sure you look your absolute best for Thursday evening (which already has over a dozen parties planned!) by providing a little reception and hair/make-up session for you before the parties. You’ll feel and look beautiful – we promise!

Winners will also be featured on, and with your bio, photo and links to your site/blog/Twitter account.

Here are the details/rules:

1. Leave a comment below explaining why you would be the best ‘blogger babe’ to win this prize package. Extra points for transparency, enthusiasm, giddiness, and overall hugely promotional vibe-ishness. Get your blog readers and Twitter followers to support you by promoting you to win as well! Provide a YouTube video telling us why you’d be the perfect SlimPerfect Model and find other creative ways to spread the word about SlimPerfect and your contest entry.
2. You may also sweeten the deal by daily sending a tweet to @muffintopless or @girlfriendology to plead your case in 140 characters or less. Please no more than once a day or the Twitter stream will think we’ve all gone spammy.
3. You agree to sign a model’s release form and be available for photos, quotes and videos.
4. Winners agree to wear your new SlimPerfect “little black dress” on Thursday night (the night before the BlogHer conference) and be photographed at the many, many, many parties that night. (Note: SlimPerfect clothes come in sizes 8-18 so you do need to be a size within that range!)
5. Since you’ll be a ‘perfect 10’ in your little black SlimPerfect dress, we’ve set the deadline to enter for July 10th – midnight EST.


84 responses to “SlimPerfect / BlogHer — Little Black Dress Model Search — CONTEST!

  1. So here’s my question, are there modest LBD’s from SlimPerfect?

    • everythinginorder

      Modest? These are very modest. I own one and love it! There are actual bike shorts under the dress and a built in bra (no nipplage!)

  2. They are such lovely dresses. I’m looking forward to seeing the lucky ladies modeling them. What a wonderful concept, best wishes in the contest.


  3. everythinginorder

    Angela, I wish you were going to the conference!

  4. Hopefully, next year. With where my business is right now, I’m not getting out much… BUT that is a good thing. :o)

  5. I Look Great! 🙂

    LOVE IT!

  6. Holy Moly Batman!!! This excites me to no end!! However, I sadly will not be back to internet access or a computer (I am on my phone right now) until Monday night! Soooo, I will definitely be back on Monday night with a supah cheesy video and a wicked crazy comment!

    Yah for this, srsly!

    Feel free to check out more photos of yours truely here @

    See, er comment to you on Monnnnnday!

    You guys are teh awesomez!


    • everythinginorder

      LOL…Yea Krystle…that’s the kind of excitement we’re talkin about! Can’t wait to see what you enter for this contest!

  7. everythinginorder

    Krystle, you are adorable! Love your before/after pics. I’m thinking you will be a front-runner…love your *vibe* (did I really just say that?) — Carole Hicks a/k/a MuffintopLess

  8. Wish I were going to BlogHer.. I’d totally enter!

  9. OMGosh, are you kidding! Suh-weet! This contest is like a dream come true! I’ve recently lost 25 lbs after working my butt off (ha, literally!), fastly approaching my goal for weight loss, and I’d love to be wearing a SlimPerfect dress to show off all my hard work! I have several parties I’ll be attending, and to have a new LBD to wear would be, as I said, an absolute dream.

    A little clarification – is this won by votes, or something? You mentioned spreading the word and having readers/friends plead our case to you. Wasn’t sure 😉

    What do you consider an official entry, once the video is made? Should I come back here to let you know when it’s up, or is the comment the first part of the entry? (just clarifying, I’m totally stoked and don’t want to mess it up LOL!)

    Thank you so much for the chance! Woohoo!!!

    • everythinginorder

      Lisa, I love your enthusiasm! Congratulations on the 25 lb loss…incredible! As for clarification, no the contest is not won by votes and you do not have to have your friends plead your case. YOU have to plead your case and I think you’ve already done a pretty nice job of that. A video isn’t necessary but might put you over the edge and closer to winning. If you do end up making a video, simple leave a post here with a link to the vid. Another way to move yourself closer to a winning spot (yes, we are picking FOUR winnders!) is to make a comment in the twitter stream to @muffintopless and @girlfriendology and of course a big shout out to @slimperfect! I hope this doesn’t sound complicated because it’s not. We’re simply going to pick the four women who have the most sizzling and compelling entries…who we think will be the best BRAND ENTHUSIASTS to show off their LBD’s (little black dresses). You will end up being somewhat of a celebrity on the night of all the parties — July 23rd! I hope I’ve explained it thoroughly. If not, let me know. Good Luck! — Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

      • Thank you so much for the clarification, Carole, along with your congrats and your praise! I appreciate that more than you know! I have worked super-hard to drop the weight, and equally hard to keep it off, and I *hope* to work just as hard workin’ it in a SlimPerfect little black dress at BlogHer! Woohoo! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    • I vote for Lisa. Anyone that has made that kind of change in their life and lost 25 pounds needs a great LBD to show it off!

  10. Hi, I blogged my entry to the contest here:


  11. So, as promised I told you I would come back on Monday to enter this incredible chance to have a simple teensy little dream of mine come true. Yes, if you would believe it – wearing a little black dress IS a dream of mine!

    Who doesn’t want to win this contest? Uhh, I know I do!


    Well, a little about me… 5’9″ 218 lbs and praying, dreaming, exercising, starving (totally kidding!!), anxiously working my way towards my goal of the sweet sweet 170’s! You may be wondering about why I say wearing a “little black dress” is a dream; well, to be 100% honest with you… I have never had the pleasure or the chance to feel absolutely gorgeous in a little black dress and I have never owned the little black dress in which every single woman SHOULD have. Finding that LBD was actually one of my goals and must haves for BlogHer. In fact, even if I do not get chosen for this awesome contest, I’m still going to hunt one down! I’m bound and determined to feel absolutely amazing during BlogHer!!

    Since March 30th, 2009 I finally put the kabosh to the crap food and horrid life style and said enough is enough and I started eating healthier and working out! To date I have lost nearly 30 lbs and 40.5 inches! I can truthfully tell you that it has changed my life and although I still have roughtly 40 lbs to go until I reach my goal, I cannot believe how much even TEN pounds can do to your self esteem. I feel so much sexier and proud when I can wear an outfit that I don’t feel like I am flopping out of!! YOU know? Or, when I have undies on that are too tight and they rollllllllll down… ever had that problem? Lucky you if you haven’t! If you have, well you know what a PITA it is!!

    I am VERY much a people person and I cannot WAIT for BlogHer and having the chance at being in this if I am one of the lucky 4 chosen!

    And tonight? Video time! I’ll plead my case with my sweet sweet voice delayed webcam. Yahoo!!

    Oh! And if it wasn’t for you Carole? I wouldn’t have known a single thing about this had you not messaged me on Facebook! You deserve a million hugs!

    I love your *vibe* too Carole! Heh! Yes, you really did just say that… and that’s definitely okay! You are awesome and I cannot thank you, SlimPerfect or Girlfriendology enough for this incredible chance!

  12. You had me at “built-in bra,” but I have a hard time believing I could look good without a “real bra.” I’d love for you to convince me otherwise.

    • everythinginorder

      You wouldn’t wear a bra with any bathing suit would you? These were designed to go braless and they hold my girls up really nicely. Casey is having a huge sale right now, so you should check it out. Before July 5th if you check out using code “4th of July” you get an extra 15% off…and there are other sales going on now as well (overstock sale). Recently chosen as one of Oprahs “top brands”.

  13. everythinginorder

    It’s a darn good thing there will be FOUR winners…no way could I just pick one. XOXO Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

  14. Carole, where have you been keeping this little nugget? What an ingenious, delicious plan this is!

    I came in to copy the URL for today’s FitDream Ezine (HAD to rerun your picture in your SlimPerfect 2-piece in this week’s issue as it didn’t show up last week!) and saw this contest posted.

    Totally charmed – off to read the rest of the entries!

    Cheers and ciao!


  15. Well, I was thinking along the same lines as Mrs. 4444 at first, but I DO NOT wear a bra with my swimsuit, so I suppose you’ve pleaded your case quite thoroughly.

    I would love to win this dress! My anxiety level has been SO HIGH with the fact that I’m actually getting out of the house and going somewhere BY MYSELF (first time EVER since kids and my oldest is 14 yrs old), I haven’t even thought of what to wear!

    I’m guessing now, that my “uniform” of pajama pants and oversized t-shirts won’t cut it? YIKES-More anxiety! Deep breaths!

    Pick me! Pick me! One less thing to worry about and one less expense that I won’t have to “round down” for my husband’s ears!

    It’s as close as ever get to my life long dream (well, not really, but, for the purpose of this contest, sure…) of being a model.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • everythinginorder

      Tena…what an awesome post. This contest is become more and more exciting as I read the entries! I think we all share in that anxiety/excitement thing about trying to figure out what to wear…personally, I’m gonna love ya if you show up in pajama pants or a a cute little LBD. Doesn’t matter. Good Luck on your entry! XOXO – Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

  16. Courtney Velasquez

    I HAVE to win this!

    Here is why…
    I have 3 girls…last one born Dec ’08 and my stomach is the mushiest, gushiest most embarrassing thing on my body. I’m still wearing my adjustable maternity pants and shorts because I REFUSE to buy new cloths until I get back into my pre pregnancy size 6. I’m now like a 10 (I actually have no idea because like I said, I REFUSE to go shopping and try anything on…btw did I mention that I am miserable because I feel fat and have become one of those ponytail wearing moms that I promised myself that I would NEVER become?! Oh yes, I have resorted to wear ponytails and hats because like I said, I feel like a frumpy, fat mommy and I so am not one of those, inside.

    Inside, I’m a HOT, outgoing, hard nocking, body rockin’ mama and I need to get back to that part of “me” that has gotten lost in mommyhood. I think by winning this contest, I will get that confidence back because of the sucking in factor that I oh so need! When I strap on my ‘belly bandit’I feel better, but the fabric is way too thick, the velcro scratches and it’s not that comforatable. Plus, I feel like people can see it if I’m wearing a t-shirt.

    Oh please! I NEED to win this! Video coming shortly:)

    • everythinginorder

      Courtney…I totally understand how you feel…the outside not matching outside with your inner hotness. Start carrying yourself, dressing yourself and BEING how you feel and the outside will catch up. It’s a mental trick and it works. Also, start keeping a food diary and walk as often as you can. By the way, your gorgeous, size 6 sexy hotness is what caused you to get preggers. Funny how that happens. After I had lost ALL the weight from baby #1 and was even running 5K’s I became so gorgeous that it got me preggers with #2. Anyhoo, am I off track or what…this is supposed to be a chat about winning an LBD from SLIMPERFECT and girl your post is a a good one! Good Luck! XOXOXO Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

  17. You know who should win this dress? Tena at Why? She has 4 kids & can still rock it. That alone should be a gimme. Plus, she is leaving her whole fam to do something for herself by attending BlogHer. Having a great dress to wear would boost her into full on BlogHer enthusiasm mode.
    I personally love her. She’s raw, she’s real, and she would be not only look good in it, she would genuinely appreciate it.

    • everythinginorder

      Thank you Annie for the post about Tena. I just lurked/stalked her blog and she is a RIOT. You’re a good friend to take the time to put in a word for her. Only FIVE more days until we pick the FOUR winners! I can’t wait. Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

  18. My blogging colleauge and I are ready, willing and able to be SimPerfect models. Having no LBD because I never attend any LBD appropriate events, I can’t wait for my big debut.
    Many thanks for the contest!

  19. I have for you the perfect candidate. Cat from 3 Kids and Us. She is one of those ladies on the blogosphere who you can’t help but love from head to toe. She is always first in line to help fellow bloggers out with design, SEO, advice and more. She’s such a friendly, good-natured spirit and I’ve had the extreme pleasure of getting to know her. Recently she’s decided to go to BlogHer when a ticket became available to her to purchase. She’s scrambling to get things together to try to get there. I would love for you to consider awarding her one of your spectacular LBDs, because she is more than worthy and is greatly deserving of this immense gift.

  20. First, I really want to say THANK YOU for the chance to win. I’m amazed every day by the generosity I see from companies willing to help bloggers.

    Second, I made you a little video, it’s late, I promise I clean up better than I appear and youtube was working against me by being down for late night work, so I uploaded my video to Viddler.

    It’s not pretty, but it’s me and my heart. To sum things up, I just found out that I WILL be going to Blogher but don’t have a thing to wear, unless you count blue jeans and solid t-shirts. I’m sporting a post-baby body and would love to represent SlimPerfect! It appears that little black dress will give me the confidence boost I need to show off my mommy curves!

  21. Ok, I’ve blogged my entry because…..ahem…I am a bit verbose and I have much to say.

    Just as a summary, my youngest son is 4.5 years old and I am still wearing my maternity clothes, because..ahem…that’s what fits. And, I use that term loosely because they fit in the waist but I think if you watch the youtube video, you’ll see they don’t fit so well over all.

    And, on another note, I broke my leg on January 22, 2009, I wore a cast until May 20, 2009 when I had surgery. At that time, I went back to a cast….you’ll have to watch the video to see how I plan to handle the repaired bone and those ugly casts….

    With that, I give you…my youtube video on the following blog post:

  22. I’ve followed Jerri Ann’s tweets about her cast since meeting her at Mom2Summit, and no one will be happier to be looking awesome in a LBD and 2 shoes than her.

    Plus, she held a great event on her site this spring, raising fund to combat hunger through a corporate relationship with Uncle Ben’s. She know how to blog it forward!

  23. I’d love for Cat at 3 Kids and Us to win one of these. She is probably the most helpful, kind blogger I have come across in my year of blogging and just had a baby. I know she’d rock it for you!

  24. I am voting for Jerri Ann

  25. I am voting for Jerri Ann she is so kind and thoughtful. She has given me free countless hours helping me with my blog and I wish I could pay her something for helping me out so much, but I am on a strict budget myself, so I figured the least I could do is give her my vote and I hope she wins because no one could deserve it more in my book !

  26. IF I were going to BlogHer I would definitely enter myself. But…since I’m not going I hope Jerri Ann wins. She is an awesome woman who has been through a lot in the last 6 months, and I don’t mean just the cast. She will rock the dress (and 2 shoes!) all night at the parties.

    • everythinginorder

      Wow…Jeri Ann and Cat@3Kids sure do have a LOT of friends who love and support them. Great to see friendships like this! XOXO – Carole a/k/a MuffintopLess

  27. I am voting for Jerri Ann. Yay for 2 shoes!!!!!

  28. I totally think courtney-@theappleofmyeye should win because she would be the PERFECT model!!!

  29. I’m voting for Jerri Ann too! 🙂

  30. Jerri Ann all the way!

  31. I would LOVE to win! I wholeheartedly think SlimPerfect suits are the best in the world–take it from a gal that spent a week at the beach with her in-laws and husband’s family. BUT I’m not able to go to BlogHer. 😦

    So I’d like to recommend my friend Courtney, who by her own admission NEEDS to win. I haven’t met Courtney in person but from online contact, she is a very sweet, caring gal who I think needs to feel as good about her outsides as she is wonderful on the inside. Please consider Courtney Velasquez for the Little Black Dress Model! 🙂

  32. Just saw Jerri Ann’s video and I think she truly is someone whom I would love to see to win this. She is such a genuine person, and put her out there with the video, and I would love to see her “Cinderella” story with new fashions for BlogHer.

  33. i”m voting for courtney velasquez!
    but i’d like one too:P

  34. I’m voting for Jerri Ann, someone get that woman some shoes!!

  35. I vote for Jeri Ann.

  36. I vote for Jerri Ann. She really deserves it.

  37. I vote for Jerri Ann!!

    I would love to send you a top from Hawaii for Blogher!! Please, get my # off my site call me and I will send you an Hawaiian Shirt for your adventure!! Aloha!

    Cheers To You And Yours, Kelly Lynch Ring

  38. My vote goes to Jerri Ann Reason. The woman is a hard-working powerhouse, in spite of an injury that would keep many down. Jerri Ann all the way!

  39. I am voting for Jerri Ann. She totally deserves it!

  40. Courtney should win!!!!!!!!

  41. Your excitement is contagious. I look forward to seeing the lucky lady that wins and all the pics from the event.

  42. I vote for Jerri Ann! Love the Chic and her motivation to succeed!

  43. I am voting for Jerri Ann because she is a kind and loving mom who truely could use this win.I can not think of a better choice.She would make you proud.Kathi

  44. I’m voting for Jerri Ann. I can relate. Can you believe my youngest is 20 and I still am wearing a pair of maternity jeans that I’ve had for that long!! (I wish I knew who made them..I’d buy stock!!)

  45. My vote’s gotta be for Jerri Ann! Good luck!

  46. Hope you win, Jerri Ann! 🙂

  47. I vote for Jerri Ann! You deserve a great new dress girlfriend!!

    Good luck

  48. I vote for Jeri Anne

  49. As promised, I’ve returned with a video to add to my original contest entry and strengthen my case for making me one of the SlimPerfect BlogHer models:

    It’s a video starring my belly button (with voice-over by my daughter)!

    And here’s my original contest entry:

    Pick me, please! 🙂

  50. Valerie (@ADisneyfamly)

    I would really like to be one of the SlimPerfect models of the cute “little black dress”. After some really hard rollercoaster years, I gained back the weight I lost previously after having 4 kids in under 5 years! Now I have regained control of my life & began that battle of losing weight. So far I am down 11 pounds, & plan to be down another 4 by BlogHer. I would really like to be able to wear a cool LBD with my newly slimmed down curves. I think it will help me feel a little more confident (instead of so nervous) when meeting all the BlogStars at BlogHer in a dress that makes me feel (& look) good. PLEASE PICK ME?!! I will talk to everyone about my SlimPerfect dress & the great swimsuits they have!!!

  51. I vote for Jerri Ann Reason, she deserves new clothes have you seen her video

  52. I have to say that I have enjoyed reading every comment, watching every video and all the support the women who entered at receiving. I wish you all the best of luck. Carole, Debba and I will have such a hard time deciding for this contest. You are all wonderful and beautiful inside and out. We couldn’t have a better group to choose from!

  53. Guys, it took all week for us to figure out how to load the video, but we did it! I know it’s late but please watch. Remember, it’s all about enthusiasm and fun, not our lack of technical brillance.

    Thanks, Leslie

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