June Check-in. Working Hard 2 B Able 2 Wear Skinny Jeans!

Me (on left) and girlfriend Cheri (right)
Hey Girlie Girls! Just a quick check-in. I’m on STAYcation with my daughters (a vacation where you STAY at home) and I’m banned from FB and Twitter. I’ve snuck on everyday anyway! Muahahah! The above pic is me on left with girlfriend, Cheri, on right. I NEED my girlfriends to help me stay on track and keep me accountable! Cheri is looking super fit and IS WEARING her skinny jeans. I’m not jealous one bit…I’m thrilled for her!

I’m sick of the scale. I’m measuring myself instead. I’m working with Lani on a new program — details to follow on getting fit from the inside out. Waving goodbye to Weight Watchers…a wonderful program…I just CAN NOT write down my food, keep track of points any more.

Eating God-made food for two days and third day is same but can add some processed foods, too. I just finished my first two days of GM food and my tummy is WAY flatter today! Woot. Stay tuned for more.

Photo below I am wearing a size 10 outfit from Casey at Slimperfect. I don’t know what I weigh (and I do NOT care) but here are my measurements currently:
Bust 38.5
Waist 33
Abdomen 38
Hips 40.5
Upr Thigh 24
Lwr Thigh 17
Calf 14
Arm 12
SlimPerfect Outfit

Count down to BlogHer — only about 4 or 5 more weeks? Ahaaaaggg!


3 responses to “June Check-in. Working Hard 2 B Able 2 Wear Skinny Jeans!

  1. Wow!! You look awesome!!! =)

  2. So glad that you’re doing well. We have to go with what works for us as individuals. For me non processed foods and low carb, but haven’t been following it well. I’ve been doing terrible since my dad’s heart attack and have no good excuse anymore. I also get defeated by processed food. It kills me and I swell up like the GoodYear Blimp.

    Accountability is so important and have seen what not being held accountable has done-gained five.

    Hope to get my act together so I can look as great as you are.


  3. Carole, you sound absolutely faboo and look positively teeny-tiny in that SlimPerfect. No stopping you now!

    Have fun this week and enjoy every moment.

    And I’m so happy to be part of your progress!


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