Having a “Spa Day” in My Head

Tough economic times have prevented me from booking a private jet to Miraval Spa in Tucson or Canyon Ranch …so next best thing, I decided, is to have a “spa day” in my head. First I did spinning class at the YMCA…then pilates class…stopped at DLM for some freshly grilled ahi tuna…had a shot of wheat grass (equal to 2 lbs of greens!)…then topped off my “spa day” with a hot stone deep tissue massage at Hausfelds. It was almost like being at an exclusive, pricey spa!


3 responses to “Having a “Spa Day” in My Head

  1. I have a hot stone set and have yet to use it.. Darn it, you make me want to try it out. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    Hope you are enjoying your well earned break.


  2. everythinginorder

    Angie, You are a massage therapist, too!? – – Carole

  3. Angie, you have a hot stone set and haven’t used it yet? If you want I’ll try it out for you to see if it works! 😉

    Carole, spa girl day sounds fabulous. I know I’m chomping at the bit for a spa weekend I have planned with my sisters for the end of June – we’re going to be checking out the location I have in mind for the Muscles Mud Merlot Retreat in November.

    You are brave brave with that wheatgrass juice! I used to grow my own and juice it, but honestly I just couldn’t take it any more! Blech! I make green drinks now instead. But that WG is DEFinitely high in good stuff content.


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