Mid-May Team 20420 Update!

1. Congratulations to Casey! Her company, SlimPerfect was just chosen as one of Oprah.com’s “Best Brands” in swimwear category! Casey has formed a walking group in her neighborhood and is noticing changes in how her clothing fits and energy level!
2. Judith has been MIA and sends her apologies and wants to stay connected…and I said “OF COURSE” – come back, we want you! Here’s her update: “I’m on Day 11 of a wellness cleanse which has my focus. I’m working with Kathy Freston’s The Quantum Wellness Cleanse which is fabulous. It’s a 21-day program that I am enjoying. I’m feeling better — more focused and energized. I’ve changed my eating habits completely; I’m loosing weight, walking 2 miles daily and lifting weights. (My motivation is Michelle Obama’s awesome arms.) It’s encouraging how responsive my body still is to the right foods, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep.”
3. Rebecca has a quick update: “I’ve gone down and up a bit, too. Down 7, then up 4, down 3, etc. I think overall I am down just about 5 now. I’ll keep working at it!” (Her report sounds like mine — up and down and up and down).
4. Angela says “Hope your week is going well…I’ve re-lost the three pounds from last week.” — Yeaaaa Angela!
5. Eve’s update: “No changes here in weight or clothes not fitting. Kind of depressing as I have been working very hard. But I know how plateaus work. Hubby got me a Wii so I should be seeing changes soon. I love it. The only change is my energy level is waaaay up! Woophooo! Hope things slow down soon so I can catch up with everyone @ 20420.”
6. Lori reported: “Muffintop is almost gone!! Had fun (and was pleasantly surprised!) to try on clothes today in size M (not XL!) and look good/toned!”

FIVE more days until I’m off work and I can start exercising seriously again to make up for these last few weeks. Talk to you soon.

7 responses to “Mid-May Team 20420 Update!

  1. I’m confident that we’ll all be doing better, as the weather continues to warm up and we can get out and be more active. Don’t let plateaus get you down, they happen to all of us. Remember adding just five more minutes to your workout can make a difference.


  2. Carole,

    Your updates synopsis is great – all the topless news in one easy ready!

    First, the news about Casey – this is awesome Casey and your clothing line IS top notch – what fantastic recognition! You should put that on your site, but you probably already have and I just need to go take a look!

    Judith, well it doesn’t sound like you have been “MIA” in terms of taking ACTION! Can’t wait to see your updates when you swing into “Muffins”!

    Rebecca, excellent news, and the bouncing around is just how the body works – it’s the overall trend over the weeks that is what counts and it is easy to see that you are smart enough to know just that. Keep up the good work.

    Angela – congrats! More news and details, please!

    Eve, it can be challenging when we don’t see the changes on our own timeline but tenacity and patience are hallmarks that separate the women from the girls. How long has your plateu been? What are your instincts about what will make it budge?

    Lori, from XL to M? Now we are talking CHANGE grrrl! Keep posting and details!

    Cheers all around!


  3. Lani – Went from hiding in XL to not minding wearing tighter-fitting M, which also means I spend my days sucking in my stomach – great exercise!! Muffin is nearly gone and stomach is so much flatter! Body is changing but scale is not budging. Would still like to lose 10 more pounds.

  4. Lori,

    Remember that as you shape up, if exercise is involved, you are building muscle weight which also binds water weight but takes up less space -just as you are saying. Have you ever seen a picture of a pound of muscle next to a pound of fat? let me know and I’ll post on my blog – very eye-opening.

    Then you can also be working on fat loss, which is primarily a function of nutrition. That’s another level of motivation which separates the women from the girls. And I can tell you are in group #1.

    Good work and you must be so excited. Honestly, at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like being trim and toned. It really does improve the quality of life.


  5. everythinginorder

    Woooot! Just returned home from graduation. I’m ready to get my workout groove on with you all! Gotta say it again — woooooooty woot woot! Sorry I have no words for this happy feeling other than *woot*. 🙂

  6. everythinginorder

    P.S. Do you all know that *everythinginorder* is my master blog name — it’s me — muffie / muffintopless / aka Carole Hicks. I need to fix that sometime because I’d rather not confuse you.

  7. Yay! Carole’s out of school!

    Speaking of “order” – does everyone here know about the free TeleClass I’m doing with professional organizer Elizabeth Hagen on June 8? You’re all invited – but you need to register:


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