Weighed in today & Ran/Walked 3 miles!

I’m over the slump hump. Yea! I got out and ran/walked 3 miles. I ran past a group of women who were walking and I felt like yelling “hey look at me…I’m RUNing!” but I just smiled and waved instead.

I got on the scale and didn’t know what to expect. I’m only up one pound. Thought it would be worse. I’m right at 146.5. I can so see 135 in my near future. So much of this is a head game you play with yourself. The sun is out and it’s Friday…and we’ve got each other. I love you, you wonderful Team!

2 responses to “Weighed in today & Ran/Walked 3 miles!

  1. That is wonderful news! Can understand the slump, it can be a challenge to keep up with life and caring for yourself. Good for you on the three miles and the great spirit.


  2. Hey Muffie,

    Slumps can happen. They are going to. And it’s pulling out of them that separates the women from the grrrls.



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