Muffie is in a slump :-(

Everyone gets in a slump once in a while, I guess.

4 responses to “Muffie is in a slump :-(

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!!! You look FANTASTIC!!!!
    Great job! 🙂

  2. You look great! It is time to crawl, claw, and reach your way out of the slump. You can do it! I am in a bit of a slump too! I only lost a pound this whole month, so let’s dig out way out of this hole together! xoxox


  3. You look skinnier!!! YEA for you. August 20th…..I can do that. I need to kick it in gear but I can do it. I am running and walking. Walking 4-5 miles at a time and run/walking 3. The exercise is never my problem it’s the counting points for me…but I’m gonna be more disciplined. Lift me up in prayer!!! Love you!

  4. Luzanne, Lori & Peggy — thank you for the encouraging words — we can do this together. Getting to where we want to be by August 20th is so doable. 8 more days of school left and I’m OFF for the summer – gonna be an exercise maniac!

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