Week Three – Weigh-in Results & Non-scale Victories!

Photo Above: Wii fit results a few days ago showed a FIVE lb loss but I’m up about 2 again so I’m only claiming a 2 lb loss this week. I’ve gotten lots of cardio this week and my pants are feeling so loose! Good luck to everyone this upcoming week. Remember to encourage and support your team. It will reflect back on you.

Carole – down 2 lbs
Casey – down 1 lb.
Cindy – down 1 lb
Ellie – maintained
Luzanne — down .8 lb.
Jeanne — down 3.8
Tracy — down 2 lbs
Courtney — down 3.3
Rebecca — jeans I wear most often are definitely looser!
Sueanne — maintained
Angela — Held weight, but increased incline on treadmill to 4.5. Suggestions needed for stress eating.

One response to “Week Three – Weigh-in Results & Non-scale Victories!

  1. I also eat when stressed, so I suggest drinking water instead of reaching for food, as well as calling a friend or family member and talking about it.

    Best wishes to everyone. 🙂

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