Welcome New 20420 Team Members – Courtney & Eve!

@rejazz — Courtney
@mistyeyes0105 — Eve
Please welcome newest member to 20420 — (1) Courtney and (2) Eve!

(1) About Courtney — I’m a student at university, and although I actually lost the freshman 15 in my first year, my sophomore year wasn’t quite so good to my body. Between April 2007 and August 2008, I had gained about 30lbs, and I was having a hard time sticking to any one plan. My parents recently went on Weight Watchers, and lost 100lbs between them. So I thought I would give it a try. I haven’t been following it super strictly, but a combination of loosely counting points and trying to eat intuitively have helped me to lose 30lbs since December. I’ve been doing a bit of yoga, and living off campus this year means that I walk ten minutes to and from class every day.

My original goal was to lose about 50lbs, which puts me at about 20lbs more to lose right now. I would love to be involved with 20-4-20 for support in losing the last 20!


(2) About Eve — I started at 198lbs on April 1st. Am now 191.


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