Welcome new 20420 Members — Tracy (Trixitt) and Tess (ByeBye2TonTess)!


Hey there – Just changed my username to Trixitt. Figured “FatGurl” was way too negative if I’m actually going to socialize 🙂

LOVE the videos. You are adorable – congrats on the loss so far! An inspiration.

About Me:
I’m the mother of two young ones (4yo + 2yo). I stay at home with them (outside NYC) while also doing consulting work for several small businesses as well as lots of volunteer work. Full-time childcare + full-time work hasn’t left me much time to focus on myself. I made an Easter resolution (following The Great Peanut Butter Egg Debacle of 2009) to place ME on my list of priorities and allow time for exercise, meditation and, of course, proper nutrition (eating right does take a lot of time, doesn’t it?). My goals are to feel great, improve my sleep and to become a stronger role model for my children. My weight loss goal is 43.5 pounds (178.5 to 135.0). I definitely belong in the Saddlebagless/45-4-45 group, but you Muffintoppers are so friendly and inspirational, I couldn’t resist joining the fun!

Thanks again for all your hard work. You are the best!

I don’t have a bio yet from Tess but you can follow her tweets where she is tweeting up a storm! She will be a very active member I think! Yea!

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