Team 20420 Featured Member – Lori!


Lori, tell us what you’ve done these past two weeks to lose FOUR pounds!!??

I haven’t been doing anything too fancy. I do a muscle-strengthening circuit workout 3 days a week for about 45 minutes. I have noticed such a huge difference in the shape of my body through that.
Then, I have cut waaaaaaaay back on what I eat. I also added more fruit to my diet. And I chew a LOT of gum!! LOL!
Also, don’t know if this has made a difference, but I cut out all artificial sweeteners. So, no more diet sodas or crystal light.
So, diet and exercise. Not exactly something new, but wanting to lose the 20 pounds sure is an incentive. Am actually down 16 pounds, but only 4 since April 1st. I needed to lose about 35 overall, so this is good.

4 responses to “Team 20420 Featured Member – Lori!

  1. That’s wonderful! You’re off to an incredible start. You’ll have lost that 35 lbs in no time. Congrats!!!


  2. Wow amazing- you go girl!

  3. Thanks!
    So far, people haven’t really commented on my weight loss. (I’ve always been pretty good at hiding my weight.) They’ve been telling me I look great, or they love my new jeans, but they haven’t asked if I’ve lost weight. But tonight, a friend commented on how ‘compact’ I look, which felt great! She could tell that I’ve gone down a whole size! Just have to keep at it!!

  4. Hey Teacher Lori! How great that you are feeling more trim, strong, and shapely.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head hard – it is SO important to consider the nutrition/diet/calories. If I had a dime for all the women who I’ve had to painstakingly drive that home with so that they could ultimately move toward more success…well, you know!

    But the exercise and the diet need the 3rd – element – mastery of psychology. And you are so smart to be part of a team for support!

    As you continue, just a tip to keep your calorie deficit in the range of 20% over the course of the week. Not every day needs to be the same, variation is actually good. More than that will lead to overhunger and backfire. And find lots of foods that you enjoy that are nutritious! I personally only eat what I like, and I know how to put together the veggies and fruits so that they are hugely satisfying, along with the grains and the other goodies. And I lost 50 lbs over 10 years ago and it’s stayed off, too.

    OK, I’m going on and on here but I just want to say from one teacher to another (what do you teach? I taught 6th grade for 20 years!) congrats!


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