Week Two – Weigh-in Results

How did everyone do this week? Email your results and I’ll post them here. I didn’t exactly have a huge loss…in fact, the wii fit scale is saying I’m up .7 from last week (booooo hissss). I don’t care. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and increase my water and work harder this week. Easter vacation definitely put a little dent in the loss department, but no matter…onward!!

Carole — up .7 lbs but pants are looser!
Rebecca — Good news! Definitely more energy. And even better, definitely more self-esteem!
Julia — 30 minutes on the eliptical didn’t kill her (to quote her)
SueAnn — waiting a couple of days to weigh-in — Easter vacation bloat!
Casey — waiting a couple of days to weigh-in — Easter vacation bloat also!
Cindy — up 2.0 lbs but workouts=awesome & my cloths are very lose!
Lori — Down 4 lbs in the last two weeks!! Woot!!
Angela — Down 4 lbs this week! (Angie, how’d u do that??!!)
Luzanne — No official WI BUT my tight jeans are now looser and I didn’t gain any weight over easter!
Sheri — too stressed from tax season to go to WW mtg to weigh in yet this week


2 responses to “Week Two – Weigh-in Results

  1. Hey Carole,

    If weight is UP and inches are DOWN, that’s a GOOD thing! It means added muscle and reduced bodyfat, usually – which means altered body composition which is more important than weight.

    As a matter of fact, I LIKE it when I see weight go up OR stay the same as measures go down for the same reason.

    If you like measuring tools – and it can be a great way to reinforce your process – add measurements into the mix.

    Sounds good to me!


  2. everythinginorder

    Lani, I know…”lean muscle tissue weights more than fat” but dog-gone-it, it sure feels good to see the numbers go down!! I had a bit of a pity party for myself yesterday because my daughters are gone now after being here for a week on spring break…plus the scale went up a tiny bit….and on top of it, we’ve had nothing but cold, wet, grey Ohio skies for several days now! I always experience depression in a major way after my girls leave and I just deal with it. It feels like PMS on steroids. Just keepin it real here. I’m not cheery & positive 24/7 believe it or not!

    But I’m back in the game mentally now!! I just had a small meal (TJ cereal and almond milk) and I’m headed out the door right this minute to do a 3-mile walk/run. Thanks for writing and checking in. You’re awesome.

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