Update – TweetChat & Growing our Group

We had our first TweetChat tonight! We’ll try having two different times daily and see how this works out. Times for chats are daily at 1 and 8 PM EST. All you have to do is log on to TweetChat and enter your twitter info…then type in 20420 to enter our room.

Week One results have been awesome and truly beyond my expectations. I love how everyone is supporting and encouraging one another. The accountability is working for me for the FIRST TIME ever! If I go to a zumba class or run/walk I can’t wait to tweet about it and brag to you guys.

The only disappointing thing has been that all of the women who originally said they were on board with this have either lost interest or just have too much on their plate to participate…so I have decided to revamp the original plan. The new plan is to let all women who want to jump in with us do so. At the end of the 20 weeks — Aug 20th — the TOP TWENTY women who show the most change/loss and who are the biggest encouragers or team players will earn the title of 20-4-20. I’m not sure what this will mean yet. It could be something really wonderful. Stay tuned!

6 responses to “Update – TweetChat & Growing our Group

  1. Hey Carole,

    It is not uncommon – that initial fire of enthusiasm can become quenched with the busy-ness that happens in all of our lives.

    Yet all the more reason to congratulate and support those who move through the initial spark into the real difference that needs to be made with life changes such as lasting weight loss AND the mental mastery to go with it. It is much more than we anticipate, as we uncover hidden obstacles and move our lives forward.

    I’d like to offer a gift for the 20-4-2O title winners. How about a TeleClass Conference Call? I love to talk about all things health and fitness and how to make them happen in women’s lives and can plan a call just for this occasion. Let me know if you like the idea and we’ll take it from there!


  2. everythinginorder

    Lani…great comments and ideas. I am putting together a prize package for the top 20 *winners* and I’d love to include a TeleClass Conference Call. My daughters think the prize for the top 20 should be a trip to a spa in Florida. I like how they think. Let’s schedule a time to chat soon. The 20-week challenge ends on August 20th. I’m going to do a big push to get more women involved.


  3. Carole,

    Is there something you’d like to write up that I can post on my blog and put in my FitDream Ezine? It may inspire some others to merge powers now and build the group. You could put in any ideas for incentives and promo along with my class… Let me know!


  4. everythinginorder

    hi Lani,

    I’ll get with you via email after Easter weekend to expand on this. My mind is mush right now. Taking time to breathe and be with family.


  5. Hey Carole! Is there room for those of us who are slow on the uptake but might go out with a bang? I’m back in the game after going through a tough time with my food program (depression + hormones + stress = being a woman?) I’m going back to WW for weigh-in tomorrow after not going for 2 months! How do I join your group? Do I have to twitter, too?

    • everythinginorder

      Sooz, Of course there is room for you!!! I see you joined Twitter. Let me know if you need help with that. We check in with each other on Twitter at 1 and 8 PM EST daily (we can’t always make it to all of them, but at least we have options). Let me know how you are doing and how your weigh in went. Love you Sis!

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