MuffintopLESS – Total Steps Today – 11,577!!!

Today’s shopping trip totaled about 5,000 steps but when I returned home I RAN with the dog and walked 3 miles! Feeling strong…awesome…like Rocky Balboa.

3 responses to “MuffintopLESS – Total Steps Today – 11,577!!!

  1. Carole, your videos are so totally charming. What camera are you using? Or is it just our own luminessence?

    🙂 Lani

  2. everythinginorder

    If I have any charm at all, I have to credit my wonderful Mama for that. She is the most charming 70-something year old woman you’ll EVER meet. The camera is a flip camera and I typically just hold it in my hands. Thanks again for the kind words! You rock! XOXOXO Carole

  3. Carole,

    Well, yay for your Mama because you do shine! My flip cam doesn’t give me near the light but maybe it’s this mountain home surrounded by trees! I do love the spontaneous, fearless nature of your vids – you’re a natural!


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