Meet newest member Angela (aka @consultpro)

Hey everyone, congratulations for finishing our very first week! We have a new member, Angela, and she is going to follow a low-carb eating plan. She says she’s never been part of a weight-loss support group. Please make her feel welcome and chat with her. Her twitter name is @consultpro.

Have a great day everyone!!

3 responses to “Meet newest member Angela (aka @consultpro)

  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m so excited and inspired!


    • everythinginorder

      Angela, we are so happy to have you, too! I’m especially excited that you live in Ohio! One day, we’ll all have to get together. Rebecca from PawPrintsPet and Debba from Girlfriendology are also in Ohio.

  2. Hi Angela! What a darling photo. You are SO smart to connect with others in a support arena – it’s one of my Ten Top Motivational tools! I’ve been writing them up so it’s been on my mind a lot this week.


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