Week One Results – These girls are LOSERS!!

Goodbye MuffinTop...Hello Skinny Jeans!
Hey everyone, let me know your results for week ONE. You don’t have to give weight loss results, you could report a change in the way your pants fit, or increased energy…anything that is a significant encouragement to share.

Week One results reported so far:

Luzanne — down 2.6 lbs.
Debba — down .5
Carole — down 2.0
Cindy — down 2.0
Rebecca — down 2.5
Sherry — down 2.0 “my pants are noticeably looser and I have more energy!”
Ellie — down 1 — increased energy!
Casey — down 2 — jeans R more comfortable & I don’t feel like I have 2 take them off as soon as I get home from somewhere
Jennifer (barely knit) — going from *total indulgence* to WRITING DOWN her food — woot!!

3 responses to “Week One Results – These girls are LOSERS!!

  1. Hey you guys, what a great list and Carole your new reorganization of blog looks great! I thought the old one did too, but the bright shiny page just exudes enthusiasm and hope.

    Keep up the good work everyone! Stay in touch with your vision – water your confidence with daily accomplishments – and thanks for sharing your process!


  2. everythinginorder

    Lani, thank you for the kind words. I visit your blog almost daily for inspiration and tips. Love your weight training videos!!! XOXO – Carole

  3. Also loving the new look! Anxious to get with the program but I’ve have a minor health set back with my back – a 12 mile creek hike with a group of 3 kids and my neighbor left me feeling every ruptured disc last night – ouch! I have to re-work my workout plan as well – I am used to doing 30 minutes on the elliptical 4 times a week and that has resulted in massive inflammation and the Rx for steroids I just finished. My doc says to mix it up with a bike and try to keep the pressure off my lower back. Any ideas for low impact high cardio exercises from the group? For now I am drinking water and healing.

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