Meet #20420 Team Member — Debba!!

Brooke Burke & Debba Haupert
(photo above is Debba on the right…on her left is Brooke Burke)

I’m the girlfriend behind (the online community for women based on female friendship). I’ve studied female friendship and have seen the research which shows that women are doubly successful at dieting and reaching their goals when they approach it with their girlfriends. So, having a good 20 lbs to lose, I loved Carole’s idea for 20-4-20! I’m looking forward to hearing how other girlfriends are doing, tips and tricks, etc.

I will fess up that I’m a passionate entrepreneur who’d rather work than do about anything else (really!) so getting out of my comfy work chair is a challenge. I’m trying to be realistic by adding water into my routine (I typically drink lots of coffee and almost no water), adding exercise when I can – like walking the dog who needs the exercise too, cutting back and being conscious of the calories I’m taking in. I am very out of shape and need to change this for my weight and my health.

Thanks Carole and fella’ 20-4-20 girlfriends for the challenge and inspiration! — Debba Haupert

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