Wow!! Author & Fitness Guru Pimps 20-4-20

You’ve got to take a minute and check out this AWESOME FEATURE STORY Lani did about Team 20-4-20. I am humbled and giddy all at the same time — gimbled, gumbled, hiddy? I’m sure there is a word for it. What a wonderful woman and my gosh is she is fantastic shape! Have a great day everyone!! I love you guys. XXOO Carole


2 responses to “Wow!! Author & Fitness Guru Pimps 20-4-20

  1. Hey Carole!

    Happy to feature the adventure here at MT -and thanks for your kind comments!

    BTW, I reposted the article as had some upgrade issues on my blog so can you post the new link so that people don’t get a 404? Here is the link:

    Here’s to a great week!


  2. everythinginorder

    Okay, I reposted it. You might want to double-check it. Thanks Lani!

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