Huge thanks to Debba from!

Thanks Debba for featuring our group today on BlogTalk Radio! Also thanks to those of you who called in and posted in the chat room. If you missed it, you can still listen by going to BlogTalkRadio — I hope you enjoy it!

One of the things I mentioned on the show today is that I got on my wii fit yesterday and checked my weight. I have moved from the “overweight” zone to “normal” range which is awesome! We purchased wii fit about 3 months ago and I’ve had to endure seeing my weight in overweight zone all these months. I was shocked and NOT expecting this — a wonderful surprise! Also, both Rebecca and Casey have reported that they have both already dropped poundage!

Be sure to visit my other blog — Everything in Order — and leave a comment to win Yanni’s New “Voices” CD/DVD. The music might inspire you to plan a surprise romantic evening with your DH — I’m sure that could burn some calories. Oh no I didn’t just say that.


4 responses to “Huge thanks to Debba from!

  1. Carole, I’m so glad the show went well and sorry I missed it. Dh and I had a prior date to drive to see the beautiful wildflowers covering the buttes in the foothills just below our mountain home toward the valley – this time of year in N. Ca is incredible for the wildflowers, especially this year from all the rains!

    I hope to catch the recording though and will snoop around to find link to same.

    In the meantime, congrats on the drop in weight and isn’t that fun. Nice work!


    • everythinginorder

      Lani, your description of the wildflowers in CA sounds beautiful! I hope you get a chance to hear the radio show. I included the link in the newest post above this one. I’m off now to get ready for the day. I’ve got to drop my cape off at the dry cleaners. 😉

  2. very cool!

    off to click through and see if I can figure out the link!

    • everythinginorder

      hi MizFit! Just checked out your blog…you are too fun!!! I am so glad our paths crossed. Let me know if you are not able to figure out the radio show link and I’ll help ya. XXOOxO Carole

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