MuffintopLess Goes to Yoga Class

Tomorrow is the big day — April 1st — and this ain’t no joke. You and me and a bunch of new friends are going to lose 20 pounds — TOGETHER. What if each of makes it a priority to encourage and help each other? What if it as important for me that I see YOU get fit and drop some poundage? Wow. If we all have this attitude, this is GOING TO WORK! Here is a little video sumthin I put together for you this morning — Yes, I went to Yoga Class. The people in my class think I’m totally insane now…I am sure.

4 responses to “MuffintopLess Goes to Yoga Class

  1. Hey Sis!!! I’m on the sidelines—even though I’m not an active member of the group, I’ll stay “dialed in”! You are hilarious and inspiring at the same time!!

  2. What an absolutely charming video! Great way to start my day and first video I’ve had a chance to look at here at MT!

    I’ve been enchanted with the energy of this site and the name “muffintopless” since seeing just a couple of days ago via Twitter.

    Being strong, fit, and trimmer are such worthwhile investments – I’m here to encourage everyone on the journey and be a resource as I can, for though I’m not needing to lose 20, I DID lose 50 about a dozen years ago and I know all about the angst and challenges….

    Thanks Casey for bringing this great place to my attention!

    Lani Muelrath

    • everythinginorder

      Lani, I’m thrilled that you will be watching us and encouraging us. I would love to hear your story about your 50 lb weight loss…that is amazing. I know what hard work it is just to lose 10 or 20!! XXXOO Carole

  3. everything in order,

    Oh my, THAT’S what I need! Everything in order! Now it will be a reminder every time I see your handle!

    I love this new blog – well, it’s new to me anyway! – such great personality AND great attitude. Happy to be a resource in whatever way, shape or form (yes, double meaning!) I can!

    Happy to share my story, it’s really been a remarkable journey and I hope inspires others to have confidence that, yes, this IS possible, AND it can unfold in such a way that you can have a completely normal AND wildly wonderful relationship with food, eating, and your body, which is what we are really after, after all, isn’t it?

    Onward and best to you!


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