Meet 20-4-20 Team Member — Cindy!


I am a mother of five, a mentor to many in businesses and promoter of the humble hearted! I am very excited about losing 20 lbs or more as I embark on a training journey for my first Sprint Triathlon. I attempted this last year and bumped into some past health issues that interupted my grand plans. I am setting out with a better plan to complete my original intentions and finish this time. I will be swimming 500 yards, then biking 12 miles and running 3.1 miles! Yes, I do mean consecutively, in a row, one right after the other and, I hope, in less than a couple of hours. Yes, this actually sounds fun to me. And…. to answer your last thought…….. Yes,I am a bit crazy!
I look forward to conquering this dream that I have had since junior high school. When we press in, with the heart of a warrior, to tackle those deep desires within us, we become powerful human beings that know no limits. I have done this in other areas of my life and thought it was about time I conquered this area as well! I will see you on the other side. I hope you can recognize me. I, along with my Muffintopless Sisters will be much thinner, healthier and smiling bigger as we celebrate our successes together! Here is my video and I’m looking forward to diving in!

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