Meet Team 20-4-20 Member — Rebecca (PawPrintsPet)

Rebecca (PawPrintsPet)

Hi! I’m Rebecca Forrest, a writer, watercolor artist, pianist, greyhound mom, and Virgil lover (my husband). I also–unfortunately–love food. Other than Virgil and our dogs, the mainstays in my life are laughter, friends, travel, interior design, and swimming. I have owned my own businesses for two years. Both of them are kind of sleeping now. But the business I share with Virgil,, is thriving and very fun for both of us.

I’ve been married three times. The first one was just a dress rehearsal for the second. The second one lasted 22 years, and then Steve was killed in a plane crash. I met and fell in love with Virgil two years ago. He’s a dream-come-true for me.

The main reason that I want to lose weight is to be healthy and have a long life with Virgil. He comes from a family that lives well into old age (his grandmother lived to be 96). My family doesn’t do that well, so it’s time to start thinking about beating the odds!

One response to “Meet Team 20-4-20 Member — Rebecca (PawPrintsPet)

  1. It is so great to put a face to a name! Thanks for sharing your favorite Lean Cuisines with me tonight. I will be going to get them tomorrow. ((((HUGS)))

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