Newest 20-4-20 member — Michelle

Everybody welcome Michelle! Click through to her Twitter page on the right side of this page under the 20-4-20 blogroll. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and say hi.

Make sure you follow all the peeps who are following me under — A sense of community and supporting each other is going to make this thing work!!

2 responses to “Newest 20-4-20 member — Michelle

  1. I finally added add all of you to my twitter following list. I am blown away by the great variety of people that want to do this. Carole, you are such an inspiration! But I confess, I’m eating whatever I want until April 1 LOL.

  2. everythinginorder

    Jennifer. Thank you for the kind words. I love the variety of women we have in this group, too. We are all sizes, shapes, ages, socio-economic, religions, and different stages of life. We all just want to get fit and drop the baggage!! I love this group!! I can’t wait to start officially on April 1st. I’m just gearing up and getting prepared but I must confess also, I am not yet counting every point I eat. But I am exercising pretty hard (as evidenced by video). 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

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