(1) Terrific Tuesday or (2) Tight-pants Tuesday – pick one


Hello beautiful people.  I’m still trying to get back into the groove from my trip to Nashville.  It’s ridiculous how out of sorts I become when I travel.  Weigh-in at WW on Sat showed a ONE POUND gain.  Pffftttt…who cares.  I don’t care.  They say you gain and lose two pounds every day so I’m not getting my panties in a bundle over it.  The husband, of course, lost THREE more pounds.  (I am planning on sneaking brownies into his ff tuna salad!)

Successes:  Saturday I went to Zumba.  My teacher, Janae rocks — this is a photo of her and me taken on Valentines Day this week.  She had decorations and chocolate and told everyone to dress in pink and red.  I just love her!   Yesterday, Monday, I went on a brisk 3-mile walk.

Less than success:  I did not go to bootcamp last night.  No reason.  Bleh.  I feel really puffy.

How are YOU doing?

5 responses to “(1) Terrific Tuesday or (2) Tight-pants Tuesday – pick one

  1. You are so sweet! Get your tail back to Zumba and that pound and many of it’s friends will gladly leave!
    Love you, too! Janae

  2. Now Now, I’ll take the brownies instead 🙂 that was pretty funny of you though. I am sure that it was just a flook that you gained a pound. next time you’ll probably lose 4. Just keep at it and get to the bootcamp.

  3. I felt puffy yesterday too. LOL Did you see my picture?

  4. Love the pink! It’s my favorite color. I’m very girly over here. Great attitude. I’m sure you’ll see a loss next weigh in!

  5. everythinginorder

    Roni, you mean the gorilla/chimp pic? LOL. I made a comment on your blog.

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