Random Wednesday






Good Morning Skinny People.  I just finished my yummy Quaker Oats weight loss hot cereal – 3 points.  The thing I like about this for breakfast is that it is FAST and FILLING.  It is still dark outside and raining.  I really wanted to start the day with a 3-mile walk with my training partner, Molly (my golden retriever) but I’ll wait until the sun comes up to make a decision.  Plan B is to head out to the Y for some elliptical cardio fun.

Yesterday was a “body maintenance” day.  I got a tune up from the chiropractor and a one-hour deep tissue massage.  OMG.  It was incredible.  What are you going to do today?  I’d love to hear about your plans.

2 responses to “Random Wednesday

  1. God, you are so motivated 🙂 That’s a good thing as well because it keep me in check and motivated as well. Have heard of Twitter, but not sure what it is. Is it more work for me 🙂 Sounds like what you learned was pretty amazing and as I love to blog, what you mentioned sounds real appeasing to me. I also tried to get to your other site but couldn’t for some reason 😦
    I’ll keep trying though.
    Thanks for everything and have an awesome, fit and healthy day

  2. everythinginorder

    Rob, thanks so much for the kind words. As for my other blog, did you type in http://www.everythingnorder.com

    There is no “i” in the word in within my blog name so maybe you mis-typed it?

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