Back from Blissdom09 Blog Conference!


Hello skinny people!  I am back from Nashville — Blissdom09 Blog Conference.  I’m exhausted and too tired to write but great news — I so exercised while out of town!  Day One — 30 minutes on treadmill and yoga stretches about 20 minutes in the sun.  Had a great time.  Read more at my other blog — not sure how much weight I gained or lost but my jeans don’t feel tight – yea!!  I’ve missed writing to you and reading YOUR blogs.  I’ll get caught up soon.  Oh, and by the way, hubby is down ANOTHER 3 pounds this week from weight watchers.

2 responses to “Back from Blissdom09 Blog Conference!

  1. great job sticking with it while away. At times that can be hard to do especially if your busy. Great job too that your hubby is continuing to lose as well. Did you learn anything exciting at your conference? look forward to your next post as well. and welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you 🙂

  2. everythinginorder

    hi Rob, There is no way to adequately sum up what I learned at Blissdom 2009. However, I will make an attempt to share some of it on my other blog — — The one most powerful thing I can share is hold on to your seats because we are living in the “wild west” as far as blogging is concerned. Big companies are starting to hire US – yes, me and YOU to blog about their products and paying them, even when the blogger doesn’t necessarily enjoy the product. The corporate entities are learning it’s worth the risk to get an honest person who blogs, who has a loyal following. You develop a trust factor with your readers. Are you on twitter? If so, I can follow you back and connect you to all the others that are living out this wild ride. I met some INCREDIBLE women this weekend at the conference.

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