Overwhelmed by the kindness

I am overwhelmed by the kind posts I’m reading here.  If you are reading this and you are one of the people who have been regularly following my blog and making comments…you have no idea how grateful I am for you.  I’ve always been the kind of person who can do things on my own but now I find myself really loving the community and friendship that exists in this kind of environment.  Thank you so much.  

Tonight was night #2 of bootcamp at the Y (a/k/a “Move2Lose”).  All I can say is I am so sore from Monday and tonight I did the following:  (1) I showed up to class even though the roads were snowy and icey…ha! (2) I half-heartedly participated although I did the stair up-and-down with gusto (3) instead of doing a modified plank, I did a full plank (3) I only used silly 2-lb weights because that’s all that was left.  I LOVE THIS CLASS!

5 responses to “Overwhelmed by the kindness

  1. Muffin killer, you are doing great. Thanks for sending the message to me. I too, am very grateful for the support of the readers of my blog. Keep up the good work. you will make to go no problem.. Good job on your journey.

  2. I have to agree as well the support I get from everyone on here is awesome and I feel that if it wasn’t for that I would have given up a long time ago. I know I can now do a lot on my own, but I still need that support and by reading the blogs here it continues to give me inspiration to push myself further. Something that I ahve trouble doing on my own.
    yes, I do get to the gym around 4 AM on my days off. Today is an exception. I plan on getting there around 7 AM. It’s just it’s less crowed and I get my pick of any equipment I want and there is no waiting. Because when it comes to waiting I get a bit impatient 🙂
    Congrats to you on your boot camp class as well. Now that is some determination shown when you go and the roads aren’t in the best condition. Keep up that great attitude. It will get you far in your weight loss journey.

  3. Woohoo! I love reading your blog. You are doing so awesome! Just keep posting and I’ll keep reading. I can’t wait to see you at your goal!

  4. everythinginorder

    Dude who wrote comment above…seriously, did you call me “muffinkiller”….I am rollin on the proverbial floor!!!!!

  5. That would be me, good old run4change. You are the muffintopkiller. You are heading straight to lean and strong.

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