First Night of Bootcamp (a/k/a “move2lose”)

Last night was first night of bootcamp. It was pretty hard. That’s all I’ll say because I’m really tired today. Yes, this is going to work. My abs are getting harder by the second. I’m drinking water and eating veggies and fruit and staying on ww program like an angel. Rah. Yea. Woot.

I really like my trainer and the peeps in my class. I don’t know everyone’s name yet, but I like em.

4 responses to “First Night of Bootcamp (a/k/a “move2lose”)

  1. you are too funny…i am glad you had fun….keep it up sister…

  2. What a great attitude. It sounds like you have made your mind up.

  3. You go GF! You’re awesome yow you’re sticking to the program! Give me some a that! I worked out w/ a trainer last night and she kicked my butt–actually I got sick and had to leave. Gonna take it slower next time and drink drink drink more water (getting dehydrated maybe?). I was good this morning w/ 1/2 cup oatmeal and 3 egg whites, water, and coffee. I’m going to write everything doewn today.

  4. Sounds like what i have for breakfast most mornings as well. Your doing a great job with sticking with the program and by the way your looking pretty good in that photo. I agree with you about you possibly being dehydrated. That’s the feeling I get as well when I don’t drink the water and workout hard.

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