OMG…I almost ran an entire mile

omg…I almost ran an entire mile without stopping at the YMCA today. We had to run 16 laps around the track (equals one mile) in order to get our time so that we can compare our condition now with our condition about 12 weeks from now when we’ll have completed our bootcamp training thingy…called MOVE2Lose.

Wow. I ran. Yes, I did.


2 responses to “OMG…I almost ran an entire mile

  1. That’s awesome . . . i love the bootcamp / biggest losser idea! We have a “TriFIt” class at my gym that meets once / week for 8 weeks that I’m thinking of trying. It’s to train for a triatholan, which would be way over the top for me–I would just do the class to get more fit, not for competition. We’ll see, I need to keep showing up everyday and get cardio and weight training in. Congrats on the the weight loss!! woooo whooo!

  2. Congrats. I cannot wait until I can do this.

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