Success! Weight loss at WI today

Weighed in at weight watchers meeting today…showing a 3.4 lb weight loss…yeaa!! I missed the weigh-in last week so this is a two-week result. I’ll take it! I’ve got to figure out some kind of non-food reward to celebrate. Please don’t suggest a pedi or mani…I already treat myself on a regular basis…that is part of what I always do. Hmmmm….maybe go shopping for something special?

My dh (dear husband) also joined up today with me. We both plunked down the cash for a 10-week commitment. I did not talk him into this…he wanted to do it on his own accord. There was only one other guy there and LOTS of women…very crowded. The one guy that did come for WI ended up leaving and not staying for meeting, so my dh was the only guy in the room. He didn’t seem to care.

I am dressed for the gym…am headed out to do AT LEAST 30 minutes on the treadmill. I am so not looking forward to it, but I’m going anyway.

4 responses to “Success! Weight loss at WI today

  1. Awesome!! I liked to buy clothes one size down for motivation. Other rewards I gave myself were getting my eye brows done, my hair highlighted, and getting my nails done which you already mentioned. Glad you’re hubby’s going with. Mine has no interest in going along, but he’s not overweight and he has an active job and plays basketball regularly so he really doesn’t need it.

  2. Congrats on that great weight loss. I’m proud of you and all that your doing. Now that your hubby is getting into it I see a great competition brewing between the two of you. The best to the two of you. I am sure that by working together it will make a huge difference and the results will show at your next WI.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. everythinginorder

    After I blogged the above, I headed to the Y for 30 minutes on treadmill. Afterwards I went through Starbucks drive-through and bought a pound of Sumatra (not a treat, an ordinary thing) but I did treat myself to a tall size peppermint herbal tea. Then I headed to mall and tried on a few things. It’s just too soon to buy something new obviously. I did look at stuff like boots and bags and just didn’t feel like spending the moola, especially knowing that I just plunked down a 10-week WW commitment fee to the tune of 120 or so bucks and tomorrow I have to pay for my 3 month bootcamp thingy at the YMCA. Not to worry, I have no problem treating and rewarding myself. Tonight I’m going to use our homedic massage chair on my shoulders and take a hot bubble bath and try for an early bed time since I have to be at church to sing tomorrow from 7 until noon…and tomorrow at 3 p.m. is the orientation of the MOVE2Lose bootcamp thingy. Thanks everyone for the comments. This is so fun having community!

  4. Congrats! Why not treat yourself to a new workout outfit? I’ve blogged about my Lululemon addiction. That brand makes me feel (and look) fantastic!

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