Feeling Good!

Today was a good day. I stayed on track all day, made it to the gym and spent 30 minutes on treadmill doing fast walk on 4.0 speed (I broke a sweat…yea!). I went over tonight by 2 points with a WW toffee crunch ice cream thingy on a stick.

Oh I have news! I have signed up at the Y to participate in a 3-month “move2lose” workout program. Get this: TWICE a week for three months with a trainer and a small group. It has been created to simulate the tv show “Biggest Loser”. How kewl is this!!?? I am pretty excited about it. I think this will be the ticket towards getting these extra 25 or so pounds off.

I’ve been very encouraged by text messages from my sister, Sue (hi Sue if you are reading this!). It really helps to have someone in your cheering section.


One response to “Feeling Good!

  1. Yay! That’s awesome!! Let us know how the first session goes! I am sure you will kick some butt!

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