Setback — again

I’ve been avoiding writing here because I have nothing positive to say. I missed my ww meeting on Saturday and the roads are too bad to leave the house today to find a nearby meeting which was my plan today.

My work assignments were cancelled due to weather today so I was home-bound all day. I usually love being at home by myself and LOVE the quiet and ability to organize closets, prepare meals, use the wii-fit we just got — but today I was in a funk. I ate popcorn with melted butter on top, several 100 cal packages of snacks…5 or 6 pieces of hubbys leftover boxed chocolates.

Exercise: zero today.
The only thing good I can say is that I am safe and warm inside my home, not driving on the icey roads. And tomorrow is a new day. Sorry to sound depressing but I am disappointed in myself. At least I’m keeping it honest.

4 responses to “Setback — again

  1. No, no, none of that talk. Tomorrow will be a good day. I just know it! I will be looking here tomorrow for a happy blog post about how awesome you did so now you have some peer pressure! Have a great night and hope tomorrow is a fabulous one for you.

  2. It sucks being setback. Shoot, just yesterday I ate four–that’s right–FOUR 60 Cal. Pudding packs. I felt like an idiot because that was precisely the reason I wanted to avoid junk food all together. I have a massive (lol) problem with over eating and this confirmed it. I can not be alone in the same room with pudding. BUT, on the upside, I kicked my own ass at the gym today. You can do it! We need to stick together and encourage. Also, I’m aware that you don’t know who I am, but I just want you to know that I think that you can do it!

  3. everythinginorder

    Thanks for the encouragement you guys!

  4. Yeah we all need days to splurge a little. None of us are 100% perfect all the time, not even me 🙂
    What’s important is that you don’t dwell on it and move forward as I see from another post you have. You are doing great there and what’s also important is that you ARE doing something about changing.
    Keep up the great work that you are doing. We are all here to hep and support in anyway we can. Just stay positive.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad I was able to find you out here 🙂

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