The day after New Years Day

So internet peeps, whaddup? I’m sitting here in my workout gear (that very expensive wicking clothing that is worth every penny) after taking Molly for a 3-mile trek through the hood. It was chilly but I bundled up well. I’m waiting for my skin to feel a bit of warmth before I jump in the shower…once I get dressed and get some makeup on, I can face the day (although I’ve actually been up for many hours doing wii fit, having Bible study, and walking the dog).

Successes: I found three new WW recipes at — a turkey chili with light beer as a secret ingredient…it rocks!! — a taco soup…rocks equally well — AND one that is now in the crockpot as we speak…an Italian creamy chicken dish you serve w/rice. My freezer is packed with the turkey chili and I have ample taco soup leftover from the all-guy football party D had yesterday. Oh, internet peeps, I gotta tell ya…the taco soup is fabulous with ff sour cream on top! Let me know if you want me to post a link to the recipes. I think that cooking quantitles of food and having meals in freezer ahead of time is going to be a huge part of making this a successful weight-loss venture.

As for wii fit — it tells me my weight goal should be 129 — I weigh about 152 now. I’m loving the yoga poses on wii and learning to balance, stretch and strengthen. I’m thinking of hitting gym later today and taking a zumba class or cycling class…maybe just do a weight training session…dunno…not sure yet.

If you are reading this, please leave a comment, I love hearing what you have to say.

2 responses to “The day after New Years Day

  1. Good for you! I’d love to find out about the Italian chicken recipe. I got a bunch of picky eaters at home and not sure they’d touch the turkey chili or taco soup. I can’t get them to eat regular chili. Of course me, I’d be game for trying it out. 129, that’s only 23 pounds! You can do it!

  2. Yes Yes Yes I want those recipes! I agree . . . the pre-cooking of soups, stews, dishes, etc for later is a great help. The vegetable (cabbage) soup has gotten me thru many a food craving. It’s hot, filling, and chalk full of good nutrition, AND you know exactly what’s in it! I was hooked on the WW pumkin muffins for a while but they are 4 points so I don’t make ’em much anymore. Are you weighing in tomorrow? I am. Hopefully you’ll be hearing “less” of me, hey? OK, I’m signing off for now but look forward to reading you tomorrow!

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