Having a great Monday!

Hello internet peeps. Today is a great day! There is a brand new wii fit waiting to be opened…just arrived this morning. I started my day on program, having a delish WW frozen breakfast…the quesadilla…it is SO GOOD!! Then I headed to the YMCA and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill at 4.0 speed. I’m working up to harder stuff like eliptical and spinning class. I did many reps on the leg press and leg lift machines…a simple, but needed lower body quickie workout. After that I headed to Pilates class which lasted for one hour. When I got in the car I enjoyed a 1 pt. laughing cow cube and small fuji (my fav) apple at another point. This gave me enough fuel to run some errands before heading back home. At home, I nuked a WW broccoli/potato/cheese meal and topped it off with a 1 pt WW peanut butter snack bar. Yes, I know I’m eating a lot of prepared WW foods today but this is not my norm. My plan is to cook some on-plan meals and freeze small portions…I’m thinking turkey chili to start…yum! The weather outside is mild and sunny (a rare treat for Dayton Ohio) so I’m going to head out with our golden retriever, Molly, soon for a 3-mile walk. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

2 responses to “Having a great Monday!

  1. The first 4 months or so of my weight loss journey I ate almost all prepackaged meals. It took me a while to let go of that security blanket. To me if it helps you get in good routines, then it’s a good thing. Congrats on another great day!

  2. Love reading about all your activity today! I, too, moved more by climbing the stairs in our work building x 2 (ok, it’s only 4 floors, but if I do double stairs 2 x day, then I’ll be climbing 16 floors all together). It’s not much, but over time it adds up and it’s great conditioning for my legs. Then, after work, Kev and I went to core class at the gym and then I did 30 min on elliptical (equated to 2.5 miles and 300 calories). As far as the food plan, I messed up a bit today because people are STILL bringing in Christmas cookies–I’m proud to say I only sampled 2 things (one of each). That satisfied my craving and prevented me from obsessing about it the rest of the day. I’m over 3 points today, but I can just put that to the 35 weekly points. Tomorrow I’m having lunch w/ a friend at a salad place and will do my best to approximate points. Looking forward to reading about your success tomorrow!

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