One week WI (weigh-in)

I was expecting to show a loss today at weigh-in because my jeans feel so much looser today — but, I’m actually up .4 lbs.  I attribute this to going slightly over in points this week, due to Christmas parties, cookies, etc.  Its really hard not to beat myself up so I have to list what I’m proud of:  I’m proud of the fact that I signed up for WW even before New Years (like so many do)…I had several 3-mile walks with the dog this week…I went to zumba one night!…I’m learning the points system and even bought a scale…I’ve created a small support group of friends/sisters…started a blog…gone to TWO meetings now…have taken up wii tennis with the hubby which is a heck of a lot better than sitting on our butts watching videos.  So there, self.  I am proud of you!  Things I’m going to do this week to have a better WI (weigh-in) next week:  drink more water, begin weight training, try some new recipes, create some things to have in freezer on hand, stock up on more to-go items for breakfast on the run. This photo was taken several weeks ago when the girls were here for thanksgiving and we decorated the tree in our pjs. I am now wearing a few size 10s but also had to buy some petite 12 jeans because 10’s will not zip up.


4 responses to “One week WI (weigh-in)

  1. Don’t get discouraged! You are still figuring things out and as long as you don’t give up you can succeed! I swear by weight training. It’s made a huge difference for me losing weight so I think that’ll help you. Good luck to you on your weight loss. I will try to stop by often.

    • everythinginorder

      Teresa, thank you so much for the kind reply. Okay, I’m convinced! I WILL add weight training to my program, starting tomorrow. Done and done. 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement. It means the world to me. I am so glad you will be stopping by again. If you are interested, check out my other blog at — I’ve had it for a time now and it is much “fuller” than this one which is fairly new.

  2. Hey Sis!
    You had more gutts than I did to join B4 Christmas w/ the parties / festivities, etc. This week should go alot better being that we only have New Years (new years, shmew years–no big deal). I’m exciting about sharing ideas with you, too, on menus, recipies, workouts, coping strategies, ect. After church today Kev and I are going to the gym, then I’m going to make the WW Vegetable Soup (the one w/ the cabbage and other veggies—it’s to die for). For breakfast: 2 servings All Bran cereal (total 20 gms fiber—eye yie yie that’ll get me going), milk, and banana. Yuummmm, but I’m full and ready for action! woooo whooooo!! Talk to you soon, love ya, sooz

  3. everythinginorder

    Sue, I’m excited that you and I can share ideas, recipes, etc. Today I’ve stuck to program 100% and still have 2 pts. left today. I’ll prolly have a ww strabry shortcake with lots of water on the side. I got zero exercise today but sang in the choir at church (surely that burned some calories?). Looking forward to a brand new day and week tomorrow. I plan on doing some or all of the following: yoga, walking the dog 3 miles, zumba class, spinning (no way am I doing ALL of these, these are just ideas). I made the soup you mentioned and it’s lasted me all week. For lunch today I added 2 oz turkey breast to the soup and voila, it was turkey veg soup. Rock on with your bad self. Love you!

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