Day 3 — excited

Day 3 — I’m psyched and I don’t know why.  Christmas is just days away.  It is frigid outside…like 3 degrees!  I have a roaring fire in the buckstove and have The Message satellite radio station blaring.  Breakfast was a 4 pt WW burrito from the freezer.   It was awesome.  I was too lazy to make oatmeal (lol).  I am happy to have a total of TWO peeps who have commented on this blog so far…what an encouragement!  I don’t want to do this alone.  I ended yesterday strong…no extra points used!  Plan for today (1) get some exercise somehow…either join back up at the YMCA and do treadmill or walk at the mall (2) make some freeze-ahead meals, soup, etc (3) research recipes, plan ahead (4) clean out frig.  This is a lofty list of things to do.  Let’s see how much actually gets done.  Hey I’m on vacation for two weeks…no stress allowed in my head!!  Happy, happy, joy joy!

4 responses to “Day 3 — excited

  1. Hey Carol! I thought it pertinent to tell you what I love about you regardless of your weight. I think you are beautiful outside and inside…your love of Christ and zest for life is so contagious. I love that I can have a deep deep conversation with you and laugh about the goofiest surface stuff with you as well. You are a great treasure and I’m thankful to be blessed by you! I love that you have embellished the courage Christ has given you to do this for yourself. And, remember, since He gave you the courage, He will see you through…..don’t let Satan tell you that you can’t! Christ will see you through!!!!
    And, he will get you there tonight! Come on out it will be fun….it’s the last one until Jan. 5………..Luv you. Janae

  2. everythinginorder

    Janae…you made me cry. Thank you for those kind words. YES I’ll be there tonight!!

  3. Awesome notes! Today is Sat, 12/26. I went to WW today–hadn’t weighed in since Sept. I’ve gained 5 lbs. I just accepted it; owned it; now I’m back on track with the “new face” of WW (program hasn’t really changed but I like how they keep making it fresh). Janae’s words have inspired me, too, to ask Christ to give me the courage and love for myself to get back on track (after all, I am HIS vessel and need to take care of it). [am I doing this blog thing right?]


    • everythinginorder

      Sue…congrats for being back on program. It’s awesome that you caught yourself with only a 5 lb gain because that 5 can so easily turn into a 10 lb gain (as you already know). Thank you for commenting here on my blog…it sure will give me incentive to stay on program and check in, knowing that I’ll have an accountability friend/sister! Love you!

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