Day 2

today is sunday…the Lord’s day…ready for church and ready to worship him with my whole life and heart.  I did well yesterday on ww.  attended my first mtg and survived.  don’t know why i was so afraid to go.  stayed on program very well yesterday.  walked 3 miles, played wii tennis, and finished the day with negative one points.  i get an extra 35 points per week so that leaves me with 34 more extra points.  have meatballs in sauce in crockpot for after church.  have already figured out from back of package and my handy little ww points calculator that two meatballs equals 6 points…ouch!  from now on look for low fat turkey meatballs instead.


4 responses to “Day 2

  1. Fantastic job on starting WW. It is a wonderful program and you will do great on it. You seem like a positive. You will reach you goal weight in no time.

    Thanks for putting up a post.

    If you would like some weight watchers encouragement sometime, stop by my blog. I lost 130 lbs on WW. It can be hard and fun. I have before and after pics there

    • everythinginorder

      Dear New Friend — you have no idea what an encouragement your blog is to me. I am so inspired. Thank you! Please add me to your friend list and let’s keep in touch. I cannot do this alone, I know it for sure. I have gone up and down for years…lost weight through Jenny Craig and then gained it all back because I don’t know how to maintain. Food is my “drug of choice” for sure. I need help. I am definitely not obese, but I cannot zip up ANY of my pants. Aggghh!! — Carole

  2. I’m inspired to join you, oh Sister Immaculato, in the quest to lose the muffin top. Alas, I fear the scale and cannot bare the shame. Please walk with me to the scale . . maybe tomorrow? My WW meeting isn’t until next Saturday. Should I find a meeting tomorrow instead of waiting?

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